Thursday, November 15, 2012

Confused ?

The experts report extracts. I will probably publish several of these as I am still reading digesting the material. The alternative is that I will figure out how to use Scribd and upload the whole thing. Any suggestions on how to do this appreciated.  

It is chilling stuff.

The participants

FARDC- Armed Forces of the DR Congo
UPDF- Ugandan Armed Forces
RDF- Rwandan Armed Forces

M23- Congolese rebels allied to RDF and allegedly UPDF
FDLR- Democratic Forces for Liberation of Rwanda probably friendly to FARDC
ADF- Allied Democratic Forces, Islamic Ugandan rebels.
Al Shabaab- Somalie Islamic fundimentalists allied to ADF
FRONABU aka FPM- Burundi rebels
CNDP-National Congress for Defence of the People. Congolese defunct I think, suceeded by M23

I have not mentioned Mai Mai groups but they are local militias and part of the mix. 

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