Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DR Congo: Where sanity ends.

Radio Okapi reports  ( French translated )

Militia under the command of Morgan committed several atrocities, Wednesday, Nov. 7, in the villages and Lelesi Muzaimbwa located west of the territory Biakato Mambassa Orientale Province. They burned people, cut the ears of young people and raped a woman before looting villages, witnesses say. Biakato civil society and customary chief Teturi group confirmed this information.

According to local sources, the militia conducted a systematic search of the village Lelesi each box. They emasculated a man who tried to flee. In the same village, a man and his wife were burnt alive. Some injured victims of violence Morgan men were hospitalized at the hospital of Lwemba. Their condition is critical, according to medical sources.

Morgan's men tortured a man to death and raped a woman with a piece of wood, say their share of sources of civil society Teturi, which belong to the group attacked two villages.

According to sources, the militia have cut the ears of three young men in the village of Mabakua. After these packages, the inhabitants of these villages say the militiamen headed towards the village Lwemba.
Last week, the militiamen attacked villages and Masikini Makodisala. They had killed several people and burned four speedboats and other valuables.

End of June, Morgan and his men attacked the station and destroyed fifteen Epulu Okapi tame since 1987. They were killed at the same time a warden and injured several people. Stopped by other militia, the Mai Mai Simba in Lubero territory in North Kivu, Morgan managed to escape. Militiamen who had captured the FARDC asked to pay a ransom of 10,000 U.S. dollars they make them. Which had not been done.

This is the DR Congo. Nothing changes but Alex Engwete is onto something that might shock.

                                      General Gabriel Amisi Kumba 

" A diplomatic source has just made me read, without taking notes, the
chilling "leaked" 44-page (including the title page) "Letter" of the
UN Group of Experts introducing to the Chairman of the UN Security
Committee on the Congo the Final Report on the DRC.

The letter is dated October 12, 2012.

The diplomat told me that the Report (including its annexes), now
being presented at the UN Security Council (UNSC) by the Group, is to
be released in the coming weeks if approved and cleared. 

The Group cites the FARDC as one of the culprits of insecurity in the Congo.

General Gabriel Amisi Kumba aka Tango-Four, FARDC Chief of Land
Forces, is mentioned in the "Letter"'s Executive Summary as well as in
its body as one of the "senior officers" who've set up "criminal
networks" to enrich themselves.

Besides his other criminal activities, Gen. Amisi deals mainly in
12-caliber elephant-poaching ammunitions supplied by weapons and
ammunitions manufacturer MACC (Manufacture des Armes et des Cartouches
de Chasse), based at Pointe Noire, in the neighboring

From Congo-Brazzaville, the 12-caliber ammunitions are shipped to Kinshasa.

And from Kinshasa, the ammo is then shipped by boat to Kisangani and
by planes to Goma.

In Kisangani, Gen. Amisi's ammunition peddler is one "Type Tambwe,"
who is from his Bazimba ethnic group of Maniema Province.

In Goma, Gen. Amisi's ammunition hawker is none other than his younger
brother Damien Amisi.

According to the Group, the malfeasance of Gen. Amisi is such that his
criminal network is supplying ammunitions to the Mai-Mai group Raia

The Group also accuses Orientale's FARDC 9th Military Region
Commander, Gen. Jean-Claude Kifwa, of having set up a lucrative
elephant-poaching operation in Orientale Province in cahoots with
fiendish Mai-Mai warlord Paul Sadala aka Morgan. "

Which really amounts to a large what the fuck !

" I don't know how the DRC government would react to this damning part
of the Report. But if it's to defend this kind of rogue senior
officers, then it'd lose whatever shred of credibility it got left." 

Joseph Kabila you have failed. Again.

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