Saturday, November 24, 2012

DR Congo: Charly Kasereka is missing.

Reliefweb reports 

Concern about M23’s news control after Goma takeover

Reporters Without Borders (RWB) and Journalist in Danger (JED) are deeply worried by the measures that the M23 rebel movement took with the news media after seizing Goma, the capital of the eastern province of Nord Kivu, yesterday.

Aware of the scale of violence against civilians in general, the two NGOs are also very concerned about the safety of media personnel in Goma and other parts of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The blogosphere is very concerned about the safety and where abouts of Charly Kasereka. Alex Engwete reports.

"There's no way of determining whether blogger-journalist Charly
Kasereka is among those "disappeared" by M23--though his last known
whereabouts were at Kibumba, where he was reporting as an FARDC embed."

This blog covered part of Charly's last post. 
                               A 13 year old who speaks to me in tears
On this road, I met a young man lost in the middle of the front line separated by the parents when they came to ( from ) Kisangani in Orientale Province to Goma.

Charly pictured gave the lad the last of his money after getting him to a refugee camp. Clearly M23 have much to fear from Charly. His humanity is in stark contrast with their brutality. I suspect the only thing we can do for Charly at this point is publisize he is missing on our blogs, facebook pages and other social media. I would ask that you all do so.
Charly's life may come down to officials in Rwanda and Uganda being made aware that the eyes of the world are watching and they will be held accountable along with their M23 underlings.

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