Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wonderful Now - not really

Jackie has written her last post and I am sorry she is leaving us.

" There was a time when i needed Wonderful Now. There was a time when it was my only friend - when i was in that in between place after having left that hideous life behind me where i no longer associated with people from my past but i had yet to reconnect with my real friends and family. There was a time when this darn blog was my only friend. "

Wonderful Now was / is Jackie's blog and it was a place where Jackie demystified her life, a life that had been beyond my ability to understand until I read her blog. My initial reaction to Jackie was not good but if there is one person I despise in NZ public life it is Michael Laws and Laws attempted to misrepresent Jackie to his advantage failed. Jackie fought back through Wonderful Now.

" I guess what i am saying is that it is time to end the Wonderful Now. I want my privacy back and i want that for T and his children and our future as well.
Wonderful Now seemed like a good idea 3 years ago - but it no longer does."

Jackie - I love you


  1. Thanks for your advice and wise words last night.

    I hadn't really felt good about myself all day and your email was the final push that i needed to return my blog to ending on a positive note.

    Things happen for a reason and maybe all that drama that has gone on happened because i needed a push to end the blog.

    I had gotten to a point where i did not want the world knowing about my life. My partner had been wanting me to end if for ages. We both have wonderful things coming up in our future. We want to be a normal family and don't want to have people from either of our pasts knowing all of our business or watching me online.

    It had to go eventually.

    I will look back on Debbie Brown's drama with gratitude once i recover from my blogging withdrawals!

    Much love back to you Hamish.

    1. Good on you Jackie. Take care and good luck.