Monday, May 14, 2012

Ele at home paddock has declared war on mice.

We almost always get signs of invasions in autumn and early winter and this year it’s particularly bad. I’ve spent three hours this morning cleaning out the pantry after spotting mouse dirt there and am about to attack a cupboard in the hall where we’ve never seen evidence of them before.

I can so relate to this. Rodents piss me off. I had been fortunate that I had a cat that held similar views but Smudge at 22 resigned and her replacement a far more personable cat Alf (named by my nephew and niece)  I am sure would love to rid the world of vermin he has 3 legs and it isn't going to happen. Anyway here is my response to Ele's blog.

" I spent weeks trying to get rid of a mouse infestation. Every day droppings appeared, every day I would check traps and poison stations and to no avail. I had redone my kitchen linoleum and the installers had made a small hole and welded it, I was furious but having extracted a 10 year written guarantee from them I placed a black rubber mat over the weld as it was a high traffic area, the mat was covered with little bits of upstanding rubber points that when they broke off look exactly like mice droppings. What is embarrassing is it took me 3 months to click."

As you can see 5 " mouse droppings " except they are rubber and from the mat.

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