Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I agree with Adolf

Adolf has posted about a foolish butcher and he is spot on the guy is an idiot.

" A butchery manager at an Auckland supermarket was fired for unwrapping packed chicken which had reached its best-before date and re-packaging it.
Michael Dick then attached a reduced price sticker and returned it to the shelves with a best-before date of the next day, according to an Employment Relations Authority finding released today."
 I am of the opinion that you probably shouldn't eat many products until they hit the best-before-date.
Mr Dick claimed the store had a practice of rewrapping and relabelling meat to reduce waste and said Countdown wanted workers to keep the value of wasted meat below a set amount. An ability to meet that target helped earn a bonus, he said.
 Authority member Rosemary Monaghan found Progressive Enterprises, which owns Countdown, had acted fairly and reasonably when deciding on and implementing the dismissal said and his sacking was justified. 
I am not going to argue with  the employment authority but I do have concerns about the pressure Dick was under to meet the targets. Adolf points out,
" All he had to do was cut the price and put a "manager's Special' sign on the package.  It's not illegal to sell stuff on or just after its 'best before' date.  It is illegal to sell stuff after its 'use by' date."
Had he done that Progressive Enterprises who are from my consumers perspective total wankers, wouldn't have had a leg to stand on.

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