Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shewee - Hygienic urination for women, Mr Williams

Tomorrow I am at the Hutchwilco Boatshow I am not a huge fan of shows the Auckland International Boatshow just about kills me on an annual basis it is hard work but we are not exhibiting at the Hutchwilco show so I get to walk around and meet people and discover interesting new products.

A few shows back I bumped into a mate who is a TV news cameraman, he asked me what I had seen that would make a good news story, I am guessing he was getting impatient with the reporter but maybe he thought my judgement on newsworthy was worth considering.

I gave him two new to market products that I thought might be of interest.

The product they ran with that night on the news was Shewee 

" Shewee is a moulded plastic funnel that provides women with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating without removing clothes whilst standing AND sitting.
When positioned securely under the crotch, and with underwear pushed to the side, Shewee directs urine away from the body to a suitable place, such as a toilet, a container or a conveniently located tree! "

I missed last nights news but I didn't miss this.

" Inquiries with two bar staff revealed Williams had been drinking red wine at the establishment since 4pm. Six hours later Williams left GPK alone and headed down Hurstmere Rd towards the offices of the North Shore City Council, where he has been mayor since 2007.
On his way he stopped, pulled down his trousers and urinated on a tree outside the council offices. "

The ability to urinate on a tree is a politically important ability and Shewee opens options up for women in fact it could catapult you to parliament.

 'It's been clear for some time that Mr Williams is under a lot of stress and is not handling it well... it's time for him to go.' – Rodney Hide.

Rodney, I miss you.

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