Saturday, May 12, 2012

The ODT and other things

The Otago Daily Times will always be my favorite paper, I worked for them for many years, much as  love Auckland I consider Otago home. Dunedin is part of me, running home down Larnoch Rd and on to Shandon Rd. and into Mrs Brockbank who scooped me up and took me into her house, because I needed a haircut ? No, although I probably did, because Mrs and Mr B were determined a little boy from Scotland would be a Southern Man, a concept in many ways yet to be born.

I have no way of knowing what Ivan and Ruth Brockbank would make of their little Scot today, but I can say they would look at the ODT they would have read it. They would have read along time ago about a building that was going to be a 5 star hotel.

Well that plan as been scrapped and now we have this.

Except we don't. That plan has also been scrapped. Instead we have a new plan and the people of Dunedin have this.
Or is it this.

I am fan of the ODT but for please, please do your job.

This will not happen.


  1. Hamish - instead we have the lavish Forsyth Barr stadium. A beautiful venue but one which is dragging the DCC down a black financial hole. Fancy running into you in cyberspace.
    Ross B

    1. Hi Ross I am guessing my comment at Farrar's place on The Cumberland Ghost was the route that brought you here. CTP noted that comment and emailed me about it. I will forward that email to you.

      With regard to the Stadium once the Dunedin old boy network decided it was going to happen nothing was going to stop it.