Sunday, May 27, 2012

TV 3 you are full of shit

For the last two nights TV 3  has delivered up an investigation into maritime safety that should have us all very worried about the state of journalism in New Zealand.

" By Brook Sabin
There have been calls for major changes to maritime safety after a 3 News investigation uncovered some terrifying near misses.
This report focuses on situations merely metres from disaster."

I have no idea who Brook Sabin is but this investigative genius has discovered Maritime NZ Incident Reports that are released on a monthly basis by Maritime NZ and for that matter published in Professional Skipper magazine  that sort of stuffs your scoop up a bit Brook.

I have no idea who was talked to and ignored in producing this fantastic piece of investigative journalism but I can say I read the reports and most of them are minor

Arahura, ro-ro passenger ship, 148.4 m Gogetem, recreational powerboat,4.7 m
October 28, Tauranga near miss/close quarters.
The two vessels were involved in a near miss incident. 
Now that is a representative report. What the TV 3 items fail to recognise is that the commercial skippers involved are the people providing the information. I agree with TV 3 that licensing is a good idea but the sensationalist nature of the TV 3 reports does nothing to advance that.
" By Hamish In Auckland
There have been calls for major changes to journalistic credibility after a 3 News story covered some terrifying sensationalism
This report focuses on situations merely centimeters  from plagiarism disaster."

Fixed it for you.

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