Friday, May 25, 2012

The Anglo Saxon Fist

Chris Trotter is a bloke who recognise's  crap and today we have crap. The " Anglo Saxon Fist " is a Trotterism ( on the domestic front he also invented Waitakere Man ) it was Trotter's way of explaining  complicated concepts to idiots like me. Trotter assumed the Anglo Saxon Fist was broken and New Zealand had moved on, no longer beholden to the UK or USA, but mates with  Australia.

Radio New Zealand  reports

"The meeting with Mrs Clinton followed discussions earlier in the week between Mr McCully and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York.
At a media conference on Friday, Mr McCully told reporters he believes New Zealand dealt with difficulties well, and its bid for membership would bear any scrutiny.
"We think it is very important that smaller countries are able to achieve their opportunity to be represented on the council, and we're very proud of the way in which we've conducted ourselves as a member of the security council in the past."

The Anglo Saxon Fist remains, that we accept it scares me. We need to be on the Security Council without American endorsement, we need to stand for smaller countries and we don't need  Clinton applying a band aid to a broken fist.

Let's amputate and find our own place.

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