Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kiwiblog on Phil Goff

DPF blogs

"Mr Goff has restated his commitment to seeing out this term in Parliament and says he intends to stand again in 2014."
" Oh good God. That will help the rejuvenation – not.
Who on earth would he want to stay on as a backbencher? Does he intend to outlast Ross Robertson? "

Actually I  mostly agree with him, but for reasons far different from the ones being articulated on Farrar's troll farm, ( one I enjoy very much ). A few days ago I blogged

" Phil Goff is finished and in many ways that saddens me, he is my MP and best one I have ever had. A few years a refugee my sister was working with was billed for what I can only describe as a huge cock up by the district health board they ignored my sister so I rang Goff's office and the situation was resolved in 24 hours. If he wants to stay on as MP for Mt. Roskill he has my electorate vote for life. It occurs to me though that Stuart Nash would be a good fit for the electorate should Goff stand down."

I stand by that but DPF is correct to point out the need for rejuvenation. Phil Goff  didn't astonished me with this and largely because I question his judgement at the moment. Phil is an incredibly loyal person unlike some of his colleagues but his loyalty now should not be to me his constituent in Mt. Roskill it is to New Zealand and he needs to think about what he can achieve for us outside of parliament in the real world. Ele at Homepaddock makes  the case for that.

John Key I noted but I can't be bothered finding the reference said a government appointment was  a possibility for Goff  if he retires. People of Phil's caliber are few and far between and we are not finished with you yet Phil. Leave and do better for us mate.

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