Saturday, December 3, 2011

Banned again, thanks Labour.

It would appear that Labour have banned me from Red Alert something I note that is against their  stated policy on comments.

"Why isn’t my comment appearing?

There are generally three reasons that you comment doesn’t appear:
  1. It’s the first time you’ve commented – first time comments are held in a queue until they’re approved by a moderator, it usually doesn’t take long and after that your comments should appear automatically.
  2. Your comment has accidentally found its way into our spam queue – this might happen if you use language that triggers the spam filter, multiple website links within your comment, or are posting from an IP address that has previously been a source of problems. We check the spam queue regularly and it’s likely that your comment will be approved as above after a short delay.
  3. Your comment has been deleted – this generally happens if you’re abusive or off-topic. It’s form of moderation that is used rarely, and generally only after a warning. "
I am banned from blogging on Friendburst because I am a left wing progressive who takes the piss out of the Tea Party, Palin, etc. Actually quoting Pablo at kiwipolitico earned me that ban, go figure, a friend translated my name into Maori, Tama Hemi Tuati so I could go back as me, I haven't bothered going back I will tell the truth and  be banned again. Friendburst started out as an alternative to MySpace but the insane American right turned up and complained about any and all criticism of the right and for that matter America ( unless of course that criticism was aimed at  President Obama and specifically about his race something one blogger might want to think about at No Minister ).

OK back to my Red Alert " ban " well I have certainly commented before so that fucks up excuse number 1. I am in the spam queue, well if I am I have been in it for a long time, or most likely I am posting from an IP address that has been previous source of problems, ie I tell the truth. I haven't been abusive or off topic so  3 is out.

So what does this tell us about Labour, well certainly they have read Sun-tzu  ( Keep your friends close and your enemies closer ).  Whale Oil & Cactus Kate are allowed to comment on Red Alert but perhaps I should take some consolation in the words of a Red Alert commenter Old George who points out,

" need to bear in mind that often the heretic is far more hated than the infidel,..."

I suspect he is right. Labour hate people of the left like me who ridicule their idiotic policies because I am  meant to conform, independent thought is discouraged, Mallard actually argues for a four year term something I agree with but his lapdog Spud comes up with this counter argument.

“And we voted to increase drinking hours at the time rejected doing the same to Parliament.” Chur bro! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D !
I couldn’t stand 4 years of National between elections :-(
My two cents is that 3 years is long enough and then let the people decide. :-D :-D :-D !!!!!"

Trust me that is insightful for Spud who clearly failed to follow Trevor's link to the Herald, what the fuck drinking hours and the length of a parliamentary term have in common is beyond me but clearly Trevor and Spud see the connection.

Labour have made an issue out of being open but clearly it is a load of shit if Red Alert is anything to go by.

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