Saturday, December 17, 2011

Congratulations Paula Bennett

I want to congratulate Paula Bennett ( National right ) on winning Waitakere. Had I been voting I would not have voted for her I would have voted for Carmel Sepuloni ( Labour left ). Waitakere was a safe Labour seat and now can be regarded as a marginal National seat or maybe even a swing seat that is likely to go to the government of the day, that is a fantastic achievement by Paula.

My heart goes out Carmel Sepuloni losing by 12 votes was a heart breaking result and my anger at the fools who ranked the Labour list and cost the Left this excellent MP is is is.... adjectives fail me.

They do not fail me how ever  when I read Nick K's post at No Minister   the blog is short and sweet.

Ugly stuff

These people have put this photo up of Paula Bennett on their Facebook page. The comments that follow by some people are just as ugly.
What despicable cretins."

The picture is despicable but cretins is not a word I would use to describe them adjectives do not fail me this time, they are mean spirited pricks and I have not used the C word because it is possible  Paula or Sepuloni  might read this and I would hate to offend either of them in a post that discusses them.

Paula, Carmel and for that matter I suspect Nick K and I all want the same thing, we want to see people working and contributing to our society. That some people who I have to assume are on my side of the political divide  would do this to you Paula disgusts me. We not only lost the contest of ideas by not having any until it was to late to work but we lost the contest on decency and fairness. Paula I agree on the destination not the road.

As an advocate on the left I apologise to you Paula and when The Standard  and Red Alert  say that this is totally unacceptable and apologise, please accept my apology. To accept it before lets them of the hook that Nick baited and I was so appalled felt happy to cast.

Nick didn't give a link to the facebook page rather to the group but I trust the guys at No Minister to tell the truth. When they get something wrong they always admit it.

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