Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas just about sorted

I am a bit of a fan off Christmas bar getting family members Christmas presents, I never know what to get people. I asked for suggestions for the niece's and nephew's from their parents and the got an email from a 6 year old nephew asking for a combination padlock. His mother ( my sister ) then emailed with instructions for me to pick up some stuff she had bought and an  phone call later I agreed to pay for the bought stuff and that resolved both sisters and my mother's present issues.

That left two nephew's and three niece's, further consultation resolved nephew's they would get combination locks as well. The niece's I should be able to sort out tomorrow with some felt pens and colouring books, my English and English based brother in law I have sorted.

Yes I am a total bastard, he gets the Silver Fern flag. I can think of nothing more appropriate for a supporter of the English Rugby Team who disgraced our shores both on and off the field. Actually the reality is that he was the easiest of all to sort and I had him sorted out well before the World Cup so I will use the flag to wrap the present.

I couldn't help myself and have blogged it before but the kid's are also going to get these but I will probably leave it to New Year to give them. I am a Hogmanay child and have some never used baby stuff from who ever was the Mayor of Edinburgh on the 1/1/67 unless Mum got maternal and gave it to one of my sister's.

I am not allowed to to buy myself   the boys a remote control helicopter something I have wanted  and  could blame a nephew's for, I never put the idea in  my nephew's  heads,

I didn't honest. But I will.

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