Friday, April 5, 2013

Uganda: The police do Batshit crazy

New Vision ( Uganda ) reports

Police to train girls in martial arts as remedy for rape

                                                                            Police chief Maj Gen Kale Kayihura

Following a surge in cases of rape and defilement in recent years, Police are set to train all girls countrywide in martial arts to arm them against rapists and defilers.

Great but remember this from New Vision less than a month ago.
KAMPALA - A sixteen-year-old girl called Shadia Nansubuga (not real names) has recorded a statement at the Police for stoning to death a man who she said wanted to rape her.

The man died on arrival at Mulago Hospital. The incident took place on the weekend in Kyebando Nsoba, a Kampala suburb.

Currently detained at Kira Road police station, Shadia said she did not intend to kill the man, but acted in self-defence.

And the inevitable.

By press time, circumstances surrounding Nansubuga’s arrest were scanty but the district Police commander of Kira Road police station, Robert Walugembe, said she will be charged with murder.

The Inspector General of Police Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura said girls will be imparted with skills of fighting-off rapists and defilers.

Among other things, the girls will be tutored on how to harm rapists and defilers where it hurts most, consequently sending them to flee in excruciating pain. They will also be taken through physical-fitness drills.

Which I guess is useful for survival in prison when the authorities jail the kids for defending themselves.

“For the case of rape and defilement, police have offered as a community policing approach to train women especially in all areas of vulnerability such as Kampala and other urban centers across the country in martial Arts,” Kayihura revealed.

“There is no-way we can have a policeman to guard you in whatever you do and where ever you go. Therefore, you should be your own police-officer first. Individual security-consciousness is the foundation of national security,” the IGP reiterated.

Effectively this is an admission of failure  not only by the police themselves but also on the part of Ugandan society.

Kayihura also urged Ugandans to safeguard their homesteads saying premises security was the core of community stability. He added that the primary responsibility of ensuring security of offices, homes and public places was in the court of their owners.

“Police should not come after the crime has occurred, please listen to me and take up this training as a remedy for crime. In fact, everyone should take this training to be fit since fitness is a therapy for crime, nobody can dare you when you are fit, have you heard of heavily built men getting mugged by thugs?” Kayihura asked.

Is the guy a total idiot ? Justice now is the preserve "...of heavily built men..". The measure of any society should be the way it looks after its weakest members.

He further stated that public places such as disco clubs, video halls and other places had proved to be fertile ground for illicit activities such as drug abuse and sale of drugs due to failure of their proprietors to identify and weed-out criminals.

“Honestly, you can fend-off some petty crimes when you are physically fit. Fitness also gives you confidence in your ability to protect yourself. Imagine how you would feel if small street kids mug you and make-away with your handbag!’’ Kayihura added.

The IGP also vowed to crack down on laxity in the police force warning that, “You must account to the community. Any police officer who is assigned an area of responsibility from the leadership to a lower constable and fails to match-up to the expectation of people must account personally for his/her action. Anybody who is opposed to this must get out of the police force.”

This is moving from strange to bizarre. 

“We are talking about people’s lives. The constitution is clear about the role of police- to protect life and property, therefore, anybody who is not ready to perform and be humiliated in the public in light of meeting that function should just quit,” Kayihura bitterly warned.

Sage advise one would think for Police commander Robert Walugembe.

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