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DR Congo: Charly Kasereka blogs

Charly Kasereka blogs at L'ACTU DU KIVU ( Translated from French by Google Translates )
I have no further comments to add. Charly says it all.

DRC / North Kivu: March 20, 1993, March 20, 2013 exactly 20 years of conflict in Kivu, What Are We Doing?

                                           One of the Big Three Camps I moved MUNGUNGA
                                             ( L'un des Trois Grands Camps des déplacés   MUGUNGA I )

20 years to the day, began a conflict between two ethnic communities Walowa Group - Uroba in sector Wanyanga in Walikale.
North Kivu is one of the richest provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, after Katanga with its Gold Mines, Bas Congo and its port of Matadi.

Kivu is now therefore among the first four provinces which allocates a substantial sum in the public treasure of the Central Government before him return a trivial retrocession, which fails even to provide public toiletttes cities like Goma, Beni and Butembo more the territory of Walikale who provided the Cassiterite, coltan.

At the beginning of the conflict pitted the Hutu community in Community Wanyanga today it became a problem both Kivus and the Great Lakes region.

How the war is part of Walikale to engulf the entire province?

                                              War displaced children in Masisi, they are in the camp I MUNGUNGA
                             ( Les enfants déplacés de Guerre dans le MASISI ,ils sont  dans le Camp de MUGUNGA I )

This conflict has gradually spread to engulf the Masisi territory where it affects all communities.

If at first, the war involved more Masisi today the province is affected by this disease that has claimed millions of lives.

 Several observers speak so of the war in North Kivu to the point that they sometimes come to believe that it has always been there, this war.

Until 19 March 1993, there was no war in the province of North Kivu, Seen at the time as the breadbasket of the country with different cultures, farms and fields that fed several provinces of the DRC ,'''' Zaire at the time under the rule of President Mobutu Seseseko KUKUNGYENDO WA ZABANGA JOSEPH who died in Morocco, where he had taken refuge.

                                                                      A child moved War Mai Mai APCLS
                                                       (  Un enfant déplacé de Guerre Mai Mai APCLS )

Now what is the image of the province of North Kivu, after 20 years of war?

North Kivu, SWITZERLAND Congo, as it has always been called due to the diversity of its Cultural riches, its good tourist landscapes, mountain gorillas and many others.
"The North Kivu today Displays a disagreeable face? "
Once coveted by visitors from all over the world who came to admire the good scenery, folk dances of the tribes Kivu volcanoes, Gorilla, the Okapi etc..
 Today the 20-year-old war has completely hindered the development of North Kivu at all levels, when all the wealth is Sol and Sol enrich catalyzer in this conflict with their alies from abroad or even to internal R & D, the giant Central African country.

In human terms: Millions of people have lost their lives and others were and remain in constant motion. According to the latest report of the United Nations High Commissarat (UNHCR), over 2.2 Million people are on the move.
 The acts of violence of any kind have now become the daily lot of the people of North Kivu.
Several villages were razed to the ground and others have simply disappeared.
 Many basic infrastructure, including schools, hospitals were destroyed and thousands of children are no longer attending the way to school because of security instability.

Other ailments that have affected North Kivu during these 20 years of war.

There is the recruitment of children under 18 in armed groups led by warlords, some of which are already condemned by the International Criminal Court, the case of Thomas Lubanga was accused of using child soldiers 2002-2003 in Fighting in Ituri in Orientale province in northeastern DRC.

                                                      A child moved War Mai Mai APCLS
                                                  ( Un enfant déplacé de Guerre Mai Mai APCLS )

The last of those accused of crimes is coming Friday, March 22 at the International Penal Court (ICC), Bosco Ntaganda the'' Terminator'' which made him even at the U.S. Embassy in Kigali four days before transfer LAHE the Netherlands.

After his first appearance before the court on March 26 for his presentation and give his identity the Prosecutor of the Court FATU BENSUDA projected audiation the other in September 2013.

 Not only the warlords who brought their names internationally sham, there is also the proliferation of ethnic armed groups, some of which are directed by instigators of different ethnic communities and recruit unemployed youth to fight the'' protection ethnicity''.

On the economic front: farming and agriculture have significantly lowered and the roads are almost non-existent.

The illegal exploitation of minerals is also among the factors that have perpetuated the war in North Kivu.

Finally, all processing industries across the province are in shutdown state due to lack of raw materials and personnel for the operation.

The list of ailments that today eats the province is exhaustive.
The victims were on one side as on the other side watching their burned huts and their executioners move freely without judgment.

What possible solutions to end the war in North Kivu?

                                                    A road leaving Goma MUNGUNGA
                                               ( Une route qui quitte Goma pour MUGUNGA )

On this occasion, we assembled and civil society in North Kivu call it the population of reconciliation, forgiveness, cohesion, unity and dialogue
to end this cycle of violence.

Also another call is the different ethnic communities to abandon the logic of armed groups who feel insecure province.

We also urge the government to restore the authority of the state, absent in many parts of the province.

 The son and daughters of North Kivu must sincerely communicate and understand they can not get anything in the war.

Beyond this dialogue authority the Government must also do what the military who have experienced armed groups are rotated in the other provinces of the country, the North Kivu is secured by military came to also with a different mentality.

Meanwhile, the Elders of the province council of elders meets the wazee'''' baraza (In Swahili language spoken in eastern DRC) a structure that meets all communities in North Kivu believes that peace will come taking responsibility of the Congolese state to be able to take to ensure peace and security for its people.

With the decision in late March by the Security Council of the United Nations, that of sending a peacekeeping force of the United Nations, and Kivutiens Kivutiennes HOPE this time, the end of all these movements of arms and boots that have long tarnished the image and répitation a province so rich in human and natural resources.

                           A mother who had her baby on the way in fuiyant ( while running from fighting )  War in Masisi
                             ( Une mère qui a eu son Bébé en cours de route en fuiyant la Guerre dans le MASISI )

                               A mother of four children in a cabin 2 meters of 1 in IDP camp I MUNGUNGA
              ( Une mère de Quatre enfants dans une cabane de 2 metres sur 1 au Camp des déplaces de MUGUNGA I )

                                                                     Police for the security of Camp 14,000 people                                                  ( Des policiers pour la sécurité d'un Camp de 14 milles personnes )

Stolen from Charly Kasereka. 

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