Friday, April 5, 2013

Uganda: The pointless police force.

New Vision reports

Prostitutes, clients arrested in police operation

                                                      Policemen drag some of the suspects during the operation

By Martin Kizza and Hussein Kato

The Police in Nateete, in the outskirts of Kampala, arrested several prostitutes and their clients who were treated to nude shows being staged in notorious bars in the area.

I doubt that there is a city in the world where this doesn't happen most police forces however know better than to interfere.  

The 23 prostitutes that were arrested are accused of staging nude shows.
During the operation, drunk prostitutes and men 'high' on yet-to-be-identified substances fought policemen and hurled all sorts of insults as they struggled to free themselves.

I guess there probably wouldn't be much demand for prostitutes doing show fully clothed.

                                                   A suspected prostitute who was arrested during the operation

Visibly stunned men who were caught engaging in amorous activity with prostitutes looked like rabbits in headlights as they pleaded for forgiveness.
The bolder ones fought cops and assured them it was their right to do what they wished with prostitutes.

Actually it would seem to me if all are consenting adults then there is very little that needs to be forgiven other that is than the actions of the police.

                                                              Male clients looking looked  stunned after their arrest

The 'women of the night' kept taunting policemen, asking if they owed any of them whatever they were 'selling'.

The highlight of the operation was when a prostitute who was caught having sex screamed and pleaded for forgiveness, claiming she was married.

That was a highlight ? It sounds to me that the highlight from the polices perspective was a chance to bully people.  

                                                    Some of the suspects who were caught smoking marijuana

The operation was carried out in the areas of Kigagga, Kitaka, Kitooro and Nateete Central B zones. Some of the suspects were found gambling and smoking Marijuana.
Most of these were arrested from Mabiito and Kandahar bars. A police source swore: "It was like Sodom and Gomorrah!" 

Oh please. Sex is normal.

Nateete police boss, Moses Muzima, said the operation was carried out following numerous complaints from residents over cases of rampant theft and buglary in the area. 

Hilarious targeting alleged burglaries by arresting sex workers.

He said they had information that suspected criminals coordinated their activities with prostitutes and that is why they were arrested.

I am unconvinced and I assume even if the men were the alleged burglars I doubt they would be stealing much while  in the company of the sex workers.


  1. That is what the Uganda Police is about, if they aren't extorting money from pedestrians who have the temerity to drink and walk, then they will be busy busting consenting adults having sex (purchased or not being relevant here). In the meantime though thieves, murderers and muggers (katayimbwa style) maraud the country without the Police paying them much attention

    1. Unfortunately it is easier for police forces worldwide to go after easy targets rather than targeting the organised criminals who are actually causing real damage.


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