Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Uganda: The king has not been sacked.

New Vision reports

Alur King not ousted, kingdom says

                                                                   King, Rwoth Ubimu Olarker Philip Rauni III

By Steven Candia     
The Alur Kingdom has clarified it is not the King, Rwoth Ubimu Olarker Philip Rauni III who had been ousted by the High Court but a chief of one of the chiefdoms,  Saverio Olarker.

What a shame. I like the idea of courts declaring royalty illegal.

Speaking in an interview at the New Vision head offices on Tuesday to set the record straight, the Premier of the Kingdom Dr. Edwin Wathum Jalkwiyu said whereas the two shared the same surname, they had different Christian names and therefore different.

“The King (Ubimu Olarker Philip Rauni III) has never been a subject of a court case. The one who was ousted by the court is Saverio Olarker, the chief of Ragem chiefdom, one of the 56 chiefdoms that make the Alur Kingdom,” Wathum said.

I really do not get why anyone would want to live under a feudal system. Batshit crazy springs to mind.

He was flanked by the Prince Evarist Kidi, the Principle private secretary of the Kingdoms and Fred Kumakech, the Kingdoms foreign affairs minister.

“I want to put it clear that there is no other King in Alur except that of the Alur Kingdom as recognized by the Article 256 of the Constitution of Uganda and the enthronement of the King has not been a subject of contention in court,” Wathum said.

Well maybe. I guess if you are going to have a king one that has not been in court contention is probably better than one who has. Maybe.
Wathum was reacting following a story carried in the New Vision Tuesday to the effect that Rwoth Ubimu Olarker Philip Rauni III had been ousted by the court last week.

New Vision, under Vision Group company, has since established that it is not the King who was ousted and apologizes for the mix-up.

Good to know all is well in the Alur Kingdom meanwhile back in the real world....

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