Tuesday, August 16, 2011

" There is enough for everyone "

Just been having a chat with a friend of mine. She is a woman who has very few options by comparison  to me  and in fact probably all the readers  here. This image is used with her permission.


You all know what she does. She is 51 although you wouldn't guess that from this photo. I have blogged before on the life of cam girls  in the third world, the exploitation of hundreds of thousand's of  women to satisfy largely white male western appetites.

It was interesting to read on Kiwi blog this.  Following the link on Kiwi blog I found this  I was sort of bloody amazed by the lack of thought in the article. have a look at this
 It tells  a story but not an accurate story.

" A one dollar bag of rice in the U.S. is not the same as a one dollar bag of rice in Indonesia. For an American, who, on average, devotes about seven percent of his or her spending to food, it won’t matter that much if the price of rice doubles to two dollars. An American can likely take the money that would have gone to a “non-essential” item and put it towards food instead. But for an Indonesian, who devotes 43 percent of his/her spending to food, it could mean less to eat."

I agree with this but it assumes that a doubling in food prices in the developed world won't have economic consequences for the poor in the developed world . It will. Look at the UK last week. Look at Somali pirates they used to be fishermen but then  Europe  stole their fish.

There is a way out of this without revolution  it is called taxation, redistribution of wealth on a global scale and one the super rich can't bloody avoid.

The other options well we tried them twice last century. They did seem to solve the problems short term but I don't think a world war is a great solution.

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