Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make Room

A very good friend of mine who I happen to think is one of the worlds greatest acoustic guitar players  many years ago wrote Make Room. It was a different age  though, we were fighting  South Africa and apartide a cause only the insane right supported and rugby mad fools. I am Rugby mad and many of you consider me a fool but I protested against  South Africa, I gave money to the ANC at university. I stopped supporting rugby and closed my bank account down with  a bank that sponsored rugby.

I have mates who were on the other side and  argued sport and politics don't mix, all of them agree now that they were wrong, that New Zealand just about had a civil war on the issue probably  influenced them.  But I  also think they came to an understanding of justice.

Africa  again faces regime change.  Libya has  got rid of one of the worlds last dictators we need to support the  interim government now. The right are screaming about Muslim  fundamentalists, lets  make room.

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