Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Gang of Ten

I use this blog to compose my blogs on Friendburst because basically nothing bloody works on Friendburst blogs for me I can't post pictures or video in my blogs although I can post video in my comments but not pictures go bloody figure. I have to use keystrokes to copy and paste and Friendburst management  on the whole couldn't give a dam. So be it.

OK I have been busy and have not been on line for a couple of weeks other than to post a quick blog and so missed this development until I read Vic Damico's blog on the creation of the Gang of  Ten and then I noticed I had an invitation to join the  Gang. It is one I won't be taking for several reasons as I noted in Vic's blog.

" I see I have an invite to join, and I must say it looks fairly harmless fun but I won’t be taking up the invitation for several reasons not least being I have blogged frequently about gangs in New Zealand and the very real damage they do to our community. While I feel free to blog on American Politics and trust me that really pisses of some of the right wing American bloggers and I seem to get reported all the time for it I will not be stopping any time soon but at the end of the day I am not an American and I have no say on how America organises itself politically. To join forces with a left wing American blog group that is fundamentally focused on the US could be seen as inappropriate. I suspect the Australian and British left of centre bloggers will have a similar attitude."

I don't agree with Vic's blog that this is an attempt by the friendburst left ( of which I am a card caring member ) to promote hate of the right.

 " My problem with it is that it represents pure hatred not by an individual, but as an organized attempt by a group of individuals to promote the hatred that is not necessarily shared by all within the group." 

Rather I think it is an poorly thought out bit of fun that has been misinterpreted by Vic a bloody good guy on the right and has left us vulnerable to hysterical attacks by those less measured than Vic. But worse " The Gang of Ten " has become the focus of the left / right debate over the last few days and it is a distraction. The right in America are self destructing and we need to assist them in any way possible. Playing silly buggers and opening ourselves to attack from the sensible right as well as the idiot right is stupid.

I can think of other ways to achieve this and Pundit in New Zealand is a great idea. We could do this on Friendburst.

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