Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Swaziland: Worse than a " Rotton Borough " More batshit crazy in the Pornocracy

The Times of Swaziland reports

Give rotten food to public - Mtsambama MP

LOBAMBA – Mtsambama Member of Parliament (MP) Mlamuli Dlamini yesterday stunned his colleagues when he suggested that the rotten food should be distributed to the public.

This was during the debate preceding the adoption of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Portfolio Committee on inspection of rotten food at the Matsapha Central Government Warehouse. The report was successfully adopted.

While MPs expressed their sadness over the situation, Dlamini said the food should still be given to the people.

Why not ? Swaziland has failed to give anything of value to its citizens.

“The people are starving. I would suggest that we give them the food in the warehouse batsi lelambile iyaludla ludzaka. There are people in the kingdom who eat cow dung in order to take their pills, it is better for them to eat rotten beans than the dung,” he said to the murmurs of his colleagues in the august House.

Not quite Marie Antoinette.
Lobamba Lomdzala MP Marwick Khumalo vehemently dissociated himself from the other MP’s suggestion stating that he did not believe that the public deserved rotten food.

“I do not want to associate with that, I don’t think that any sector of our population deserves rotten food. The inefficiency of an ineffective government should not be at the expense of the people, they should not suffer because of it,” Khumalo said.

I assume isn't suggesting they deserve dung.

He went on to state that some Cabinet ministers lacked empathy as was evident in the way they handled issues. He said unless someone had been elected by the people into Parliament it would be impossible for them to understand the pressures of the people.

Acting Committee Chairperson Mbabane West MP Johane Shongwe said the situation proved that there were negligent people in the country who were simply careless to be vigilant.

Yes the King springs to mind.

He wondered how the Deputy Prime Minister, Themba Masuku, had allowed the food to rot.

Also expressing his dismay at the situation was Hlane MP Mduduzi Magagula who said when he had gone to the warehouse he was met by huge rats that he believed lived better than most Swazis.

                                              King Mswati III

This rat certainly does.

They called for the situation to be immediately addressed and for one of the recommendations in the report to be immediately adhered to. The recommendation stated that the food at the warehouse be dispatched and distributed to the people in the various Tinkhundla centres.

Shongwe said there was no way that rotten food would be given to the people of Mtsambama.

They have dung after all.


  1. Unbelievable! No value to human lives! Where do we start to address these kind of issues in africa?

    1. What gets me is the legacy that people like Mandela, Tutu, Biko...the list goes on have left Africa and the world is pissed all over by leaders such as King Mswati III.

      The West is to blame for many but not quite all Africa's problems, but much of the current leadership of Africa is as bad as the worst of the West in the colonial era.