Monday, June 10, 2013

Kenya: Why are Kenyan men so hot for Ugandan women ?

Radio Netherlands reports

Orgasms are for everyone: Love Matters launches in Kenya

Love Matters Kenya is a new web/mobile platform. This RNW project gives readers in Africa, and beyond, facts and news about sex, love, health and relationships.

How did I survive without this ? Oh yeah I am a Kiwi.

My heart’s broken, will I ever be able to love again? If I’ve only had anal sex am I still a virgin? Why are Kenyan men so hot for Ugandan women? Is it true that using contraception can make me infertile? Everyone has questions about love and sex – that will never change. But now the answers are just a click away.
Love Matters Kenya offers tips and wisdom from local and international sex experts, bloggers and journalists. For example, Valentine Njoroge, Kenya’s premier sex advice columnist, will be writing a weekly column ‘Valentine, On Call’.

Its riviting stuff though. Well the anal sex bit was I am guessing.

Find the answers, find the clinic

This web/mobile platform, featuring a
Sex A-Z and extensive resources, will publish fresh stories on a daily basis. The initiative is about providing access to straight facts, free of prejudice, scare tactics and euphemistic language.
Users can use an interactive map of principal sexual health clinics in Kenya’s major cities.

Probably an interactive map with brothel locations would be more in demand.

Each week, a selection of Love Matters’ stories will also be printed in Kenya’s major newspaper The Star.

On page 3 ?

A first for Kenya

Love Matters Kenya has no local precedents. It is grounded in the philosophy that if people are given honest and sex-positive information, they can better make decisions that not only have a beneficial impact on their personal lives, but also society at large.


Access the Love Matters Kenya website and join the Facebook group to participate in the discussions.

Against my better judgement.

Love Matters

Love Matters Facebook

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