Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Africa / New Zealand: Fatumata Bah. By the way thanks Africa on behalf of NZ

BeCause reports

For the record I have never met ( to my knowledge and I think I would remember ) Fatumata Bah. That said her ambitions look to be very laudable. Good Luck to her and please follow the BeCause link above and give her your vote.
                        Fatumata Bah


Fatumata was nominated by her friend Noah, Noah says, "Fatumata is a brilliant young African New Zealander. She is playing a vital role as a role model and an ambassador of African youth in NZ. She is currently working closely with a team of young Africans to establish an African youth organisation which aims to inspire youth to make informed choices and understand the options available for them in NZ. Her vision is beyond her age and I believe she is one of New Zealand young leaders. Fatumata’s story will help many youth to believe in their potential and dream big."

Fatumata's story

"I don't think that I have consciously decided to be a role model/ambassador. I have had experiences in life which has naturally lead to my passions. My strongest of them being advancing the status of women and generally being an active member of society through getting involved in community events and volunteering."

Fatumata's biggest challenge

"Breaking down the barrier and stereotypes that are often thrown upon you is a challenge that is faced by everyone in life. At the end of the day I believe your actions are your only source of removing stereotypes. Leading by example and proving to yourself and others is the most powerful feeling."

Who or what supports Fatumata's work?

"Sometimes the smallest of encouragement or acknowledgement can fuel you, ignite a determination or passion within you to do something.
My family, friends, teachers and religion have been my foundation of support during the hardships that I have faced and undoubtedly will face in the near future."

Fatumata's vision for New Zealand

"I'm just working towards becoming a better me. I think personal reflections and goal setting is often over looked by youth as unimportant and I think its a necessity to creating a better society .
I envision New Zealand to be a place where regardless of your social class, ethnicity, religion or background you will be treated with respect first and foremost as a human being. I envision New Zealand to be a country where opportunities come knocking, but also where opportunities are given to those who seek it and create it."

Links to Fatumata's work

Hat Tip Francois Byamana Judah on Face Book

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