Sunday, June 2, 2013

RD Congo: More Batshit crazy from Kinshasa.

DRC Security Agents Abduct 2 Uganda Policemen Officers

                         Uganda along lake Albert. The white line in the lake is the border between Uganda and DRC

Congolese Security officials have allegedly abducted two Uganda Police officers and and other three marine enforcement officials accused of operating in DRC waters.

Uganda’s midwestern regional police commander, Charles Ssembabulidde,confirmed the incidence.

Eyewitnesses said the DRCongo security agents, who were travelling in three speed boats, attacked the Uganda fisheries enforcement team on Wednesday evening and arrested them.

Lets think this through. You have a major rebel engagement happening on your border with Uganda. You desperately need the good will of neighbours like oh..say... Uganda to help with things like this. 

Authorities in the western district of Kiruhura have arrested a 32-year-old man suspected of recruiting Ugandans into the Congolese M23 rebel group activities.

According to the District Police Commander, Norman Musinga, the suspect Reuben Kamuhangi was arrested at Kyapa trading centre in Kiruhura district. 

Kamuhangi is a resident of Nyankumba cell, Sanga Sub County, Kiruhura district.

 Police said he was arrested as he was preparing to transport the six 6 ‘recruits’ to Democratic Republic of Congo after promising them a monthly pay of sh350, 000.

The recruits are identified as Albert Muyambi, 24, of Bukanga in Isingiro district, a 19-year- old Livingstone Mafundo and Daniel Ntambara, 32, of Sembabule district. Others are Emmanuel Gumisiriza, 19, Katojo Marongo of Lwengo district, Julias Byabashaija, 35, of Kyidera in Kamuli district and 23-year-old James Murisa a Rwandase national.

Real smart decision making Kinshasa.

“The Congolese claimed that the Ugandan enforcement team was in the Congolese waters at the time of their arrest,” Ssembabulidde said.
Ugandan authorities investigating the incident, however, claim that the Ugandan team was still in Ugandan waters. There is no clear boundary between Uganda and DR Congo in the Lake Albert waters.

The marine border area is a host to various oil wells beneath. The two countries have for decades clashed over the border line.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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