Monday, June 24, 2013

DR Congo: Kambale Mayani Zechariah Goma's Zuckerberg

Chantal Faida blogs

( I have run this through Google Translate and made small alterations apologies to Chantal if I have made any mistakes )

A Congolese Mark Zuckerberg Kambale Mayani Zechariah

Who said that Africa had no inventions to its credit?

A young Congolese from Goma has developed on equity, a social network to create a culture of research and invention to assist reaching  African goals.

Design Kongo connect you can see the shadow of several people in the form of the DRC that are interconnected first (orange lines) and with others outside of the Congo (blue lines).

( Launched / Conceived ?) November 30, 2012,  in Goma, the capital of Nord-Kivu/RDC a social network called Kongoconnect whose mode of use, the registration of members and other parameters are similar to the famous social network Facebook.
Aged 25, the author of this subtle invention, known by the nickname Gates, a young man from Goma, inspired by his training in computer science and management at the Higher Institute of Informatics and Management ISIG / Goma, imagined a site dedicated to promoting new works Congolese artists; at baseline and after a dating site and now scientific research. To date, it has more than 1,500 enrolled.

Kambale Mayani Zechariah  

Label in Congolese excellence Kongoconnect

An African invention in the field of New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC Editor's note) is possible.

"By creating this site, I was responding to the concern nagging my mind how to build Congolese and African pride? "Says Gates, surfing the internet via his IPhone.

Fight against the ignorance of Africans in general and Congolese especially in this age of technological revolution.

Gates states that ". Kongoconnect is not only a social but also a tool of microfinance, education and promotion"

The most active on the site are rewarded by Kongoconnect.

"The novelty of Kongoconnect is the most dynamic users are rewarded." Thus says Gates. While showing various applications of the site on his laptop, he says: The more you post photos, ideas, articles and videos, you automatically earn points that in the future be converted into electronic cash for the acquisition of certain paid services. "free download videos, books and other songs."

Why does the letter K to denote Kongoconnect? "Use the authenticity, the Kongo kingdom, our capital Kinshasa and to differentiate The Democratic Republic of Congo from Brazzaville Congo." he informs.

Unexpected innovations

A first in the DRC. A social network out of the ordinary that joins daily Congolese ...

Kongoconnect resembles Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

In addition to the chat, the user Kongoconnect, at its option kongothèque the option where he can find articles and books free local writers. Kongo Connect, inspire and be inspired!

Once logged into the site, you can follow the news of all other users of the site. No need to have friends to share and comment on the news. Solitude is banned on the social network.

Create an account from his mobile phone is part of the sites innovations.

"I ask our government to support local charities by subsidizing its citizens for a global reach." Board there.

No it's not just the sound of boot floor. Grandiose things are possible if peace is guaranteed throughout the country.

It's a crazy ambition yes but in this world only fools invent and innovate. "If you want something you've never had, you should want to do something you've never done. "- Thomas Jefferson.

Because ( Contacting ) your friends, your brothers, your colleagues, your parents are expensive Kongo Connect offers you a chance to open up in the intricacies of social interaction. Just one click to navigate to other horizons. Discover all applications that offers Kongo Connect by going or


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