Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Minister. The racist NZ blog

No Minister is centre right NZ blog that has several excellent bloggers and one awful one going under the pseudonym of Adolf. Adolf blogged

 Slow Joe

" When Slow Joe Biden made his now infamous gaffe about 'y'all back in chains' he might have forgotten a little history.

I wonder how many black Americans with no jobs, no incomes, no homes, no food and no hope might reflect that their forbears were immensely better off.  They had jobs, for a start.  They had homes, they had food.  While they didn't have 'freedom' as we know it, it's fair to say most American slave owners treated their people reasonably.

Bein' back on de plantation in good old Virginny might be a damned sight better than some drug ridden hell hole in back street Chicago."

One of his fellow No Minister bloggers commented 

Barnsley Bill said...

Adolf, I sincerely hope you were pissed when you wrote this post.
Not your finest internet moment.

Adolf's response.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...
No, not at all. Just a little hint that slavery under Obama for many of those poor black bastards is worse than slavery under the cotton growers was for many of the said black bastards' forebears.
Suggest you have a look at some figures for rape, murder, assault etc among blacks.
They've just swapped a white Massa for a black one.

In an other comment he said.

" Lost your objectivity, have you? I did not recommend a return to slavery. I merely remarked that the 
slaves of 150 or so years a go had a better quality of life than do many of America's modern day Blacks."

Adolf is a racist prick his post and comments are offensive.  He has spent the best part of 4 years referring too President Obama as the " Black Arsed Jackass  " I am guessing he finds this hilariously funny and still needs 10 minutes to recover his breath from laughing after he writes it in his hate filled posts. That anyone could suggest being a slave 150 years ago is preferable to and gives you a better quality of life than today is astonishing.

" Black bastards " says it all. New Zealand doesn't have a large black community however my partner is a member  of that community as indeed am I. 

If you are judged by the company you keep then maybe the No Minister bloggers  might want to think about their lowest common denominator.

For the record I have a lot of respect for the other bloggers at No Minister despite  ideological

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