Monday, September 10, 2012

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We, Heads of State and Government of the Intelnational Conferenceon th€ creat Lakes Region (ICGLR), meeting in Kampala,Uganda on 8th September 2011 at the invitation of H.E. PrcsidentYoweri Museveni the President of the Republic of Uganda and Chairperson of the ICGLR, to discussthe secudty situation in EasternDemocraticRepublicof Congo;
Recalling the Decisions of our previous Extaordinary Sumnits, held in Addis-Abba on 15thJuly 2012,and Kampalaon 7-8August 2012;
Recalling our decisions made in Kampala on 8h and 9th August 2012 to establish a SutFconmittee of the Ministers of Defence of the Republic of Angola, the Republic of Burundi, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republicof Congo the Republicof Rwanda,the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Uganda with the mandate to propose ulgent actionable steps to ensule that fighting stops completely in Eastem DRC to allow for consolidation of peace,secuiity and stability, and to also provide details on the opelationalization of the Neuhal Intemational Forcei
Recallingalsoou! Decisions made at thesameSummitto reconveneherein Kampala on 76 and 86 September 2012 to receive the report of the Sub- Committee of the Ministers of Defense on the situation in EastemDRC;
Taking note of the message of the Secretary-General of the United Nations supporting the ICGLR initiatives;
Taking note of the lul in the fighting in Eastern DRC, but cognisant of the deterioration of the secudty and humanitadan situation in Eastern Democratic RepubLic of Congo due to the armed and unconstitutional activities of the so- calledM23;
Cognisantofthegavity of the security and humanitarian situation in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that constitutes a serious threat to peace, security,stability and developmentin the entire GreatLakesRegion;
Recalling our firm commitment to the ICGLR Pacton Se.udfy, Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region o{ 15h December2006and its related Protocols;
Appreciating the considerable diplomatic e{forts that the Chairpersonof the Sudunit H.E. Plesident Yowed Museveni has continuously undeltalen to ensure the fighting in Eastem Democratic Republic of Congo stops conVletely;ffi_.

Having considered and adopted the Report of the SutFcommittee of Ministers of Defence, as amended, including the Terms of Reference and Budget of the Expanded Joint Ve fication Mechanism oVM) annexed to it
Having also (onsidered and adopted as amended the Report of the Exhaordinary Meeting of tlle Regional Inter-Ministerial Comrrittee (RIMC) on the security Eituation in the Eastern Democrahc Republic of Congo held in Kampala on 6fr Septembel, 201e including ihe recomnendatlon to collaborate with the Southem African Development Community (SADC); 

On  the  Cessation of Hostilities  and  Diplomatic  Efforts
1. Request the Chairperson of the ICGLR to continue with his diplomatic engagementwith the parties to the conflict in Eastem DRC with a view to securing a completecessationof hostilities and putting an end to the crisis,if feasible, through peaceful political means
2. Requestthe ICGLR Chairperson and other ICGLR Heads of State and Governmentto sendagtrongmessageduring theproPosedUN Mini-Summit on EasternDRC scheduledfor 27th September2012,seekingdiplomatic and technical support lrom the UN to the ICGLR initiatives, including on the Neuhal International Force,the activities of the expandedJoint Verificauon Mechanism,aJrdon the political and diplomatic eflorts to end the .risis in EasternDRC;
On the Neuhal IntemationalFoi.€
1. The Sub-Committeeof the Ministers of Defencebe expanded to include the Ministers of Defenceof all the MemberStates;
2. The Corunittee of Ministe$ of Defenceshould immediately conveneto take steps, inter alia, to implement the ditectives of the Summit on the operationalizationoftheNeutralIntemationalForcewithin threemonths;
3. The Committee of Ministers of Defense to inform RIMC arr ddiectly repoltto the ICGLR Headsof Stateand Government
4. Express appreciation to the United Republic of Tanzania for its offer to contribute troops to the Neuhal hrtemational Force and call uPon other MembelStatestomakethesamecommitmentwithin onemonth;6I-

On Mandate and Financing of the Neufral Intemational Force
1. The Neutral   International Force should be deployed under the mandate of the African Union and the United Nations; 
2. Task the four ICGLR Member States that are membersof the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUITSC),namely the Republic of Angola, the Republic of Congo, the Republic of Kenya and the United Republic of Tanzania,to make a joint presentation to the AUI€C for formal consideration and approval for the department of aNeuhalL-lternationalFolceinEastem DRC. The Republic of Uganda to coordinate the engagementof this GrouP 01 MemberStaleswith the AUISC
3. Urge the AU to seek UN support for the dePloyment o{ the Neutral Intemational Force;
4. The Chairperson of the RIMC to use his good oIfices with the view to providing diplomatic support for the operationalization of the Neutlal International Force;
5, Requestthe Chairperson of the ICGLR to formally request African States/ Regional and liltemational Partners to provide financial, logistical and techJricasluppotlortheoperationalisationoftheNeutralInternatiornlForcei
6. Urge Member States to commit financial and teclurical resources for the Neuhal International Force;
On the expandedJoint Verification Mechanism 0VM) and the Joint Intelligence Fusion Center(|IFC)
1. Urgea[ ICGLR Member States to urgently deploy their officers to the JVM in Gorna;
2. Direct the Committee of Ministers of Defenceand the ExecutiveSecretaryto launchtheexpanded[M on14dSeptember,2012;
3. The JIFCto directly report intelligence inlormation to the JVM and also to the M irtislerof Delenceof the MemberStatechairinq the ICCLR;9 1

On the Humanitarian Trust Fund
1. Expressappreciationto the Member States that have made generous pledges to the ICGLR Humanitarian Trust Fund as follows: the Republic of Uganda (USD 1,000 000); the Democratic Republic of Congo (USD 1,000 000); the United Republic of Tanzania(USD50Q000);the Republicof Kenya(USD500, 000);and urge other Member Statesto also contribute to the Trust Fund;
2. Diect the ExecutiveSecretaryto identify a suitable Humanitarian Agency to managethe ICGLR Humanitarian Trust Fund, and to leport to the Suhmit for a decision & 4th Extraordinary ICGLR Summit
Decide to hold another Extraoldinary Summit to review progress on the implementation of our decisions on 8th October 2012 in Kampata,Uganda,

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