Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Queen who looks good naked

I know I said I wouldn't go there but I changed my mind.

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  1. Now as tame goes I would have to say this blog is tame. I for reasons of subjectivication a word I suspect I just invented but meaning "the boss is the ruling monarch " if indeed I have invented a new word then I get first go at the meaning alternative meanings are welcolm.
    Subjectivication of course by my definition means I have probably committed some crime against the House of Windsor with the above blog.
    None of the above is the point though.
    Alex Engwete is not a subject of the Crown but a citizen of the DR Congo and is free to say what he wants on issues of Royal Nudity and he doesm (for readers who can't be bothered searching Alex Engwete blogspot I will update and link from the blog tomorrow it is just to hard from the Blackberry on Friday night )
    Should justice include having your clothes torn off and being photographed naked ?
    Is crowd justice justice or is the stripping nude of a young woman before any court imposed sanctions just another form of rape ?
    Hard questions come when you least expect them.