Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Excellent work at Virunga National Park

Emmanuel reports 

Gorilla Marketing in the Refugee Camps

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Because of the war, there are now about 250,000 internally displaced people on the park boundary.  They desperately need fuelwood, and their only option is to go into the park and cut down the forest.  We have been trying to convince them to use fuel briquettes as a clean alternative.  But we have to convince them, and that’s not easy, but we’ve discovered a new form of marketing.  Guerrilla Marketing…
Definition as found in Dictionary.com
Main Entry: guerrilla marketing
Part of Speech: n
Definition: any of a number of unconventional methods of marketing with minimal resources for maximumresults; any marketing campaign that uses non-mainstream tactics and locations
Etymology: 1982
… and this is what Balemba came up with:

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Balemba, looking pretty.  Briquettes in one hand, energy efficient stoves in the other.  Potential customers all around.
The jury is still out as to whether it will work, but it did bring a few smiles to otherwise terribly stressed families.

As I have said many times the people of Virunga National Park are amazing

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