Saturday, November 23, 2013

DR Congo: " Yesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today"

New Times ( Rwanda ) opines

Why North Kivu desires an independent observer
By Pan Butamire

So, the peace deal between the DR Congo and M23 is as dead as dodo. And President Joseph Kabila is cheering, instead of grieving.

It is fairly obvious after the first sentence that we are dealing with a moron unfortunately that isn't his only failing.

The energy that presidents of the regional countries have expended coaxing the two parties into sitting down with them to painstakingly weave out a peace package has come to nought. Suddenly, the carpet was pulled from under their feet and our presidents were left holding on to useless paper.

" Suddenly, the carpet was pulled from under their feet.... " There was actually nothing sudden about the defeat of M23 and the failure of the Kampala peace talks process has been a long drawn out affair. Even more inaccurate is the hilarious image of the presidents of the region painstakingly expending energy on weaving out a peace package. On Friday 15 November 2013 the Security Council's Group of Experts for the DR Congo released their report detailing some of the painstaking energy sapping efforts that have been made by Rwanda and Uganda in their collective efforts to secure peace.  

The Government of Rwanda continues to violate the arms embargo 

by providing direct military support to the M23 rebels, facilitating 
recruitment, encouraging and facilitating desertions from the armed 
forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and providing arms, 
ammunition, intelligence and political advice. The de facto chain of 
command of M23 includes Gen. Bosco Ntaganda and culminates with the 
Minister of Defence of Rwanda, Gen. James Kabarebe. Following the 
publication of the addendum to its interim report (S/2012/348/Add.1), the 
Group met the Government of Rwanda and took into consideration its 
written response. The Group has, however, found no substantive element 
of its previous findings that it wishes to alter.
 Senior officials of the Government of Uganda have also provided 
support to M23 in the form of direct troop reinforcements in Congolese 
territory, weapons deliveries, technical assistance, joint planning, 
political advice and facilitation of external relations. Units of the 
Ugandan People’s Defence Forces and the Rwandan Defence Forces 
jointly supported M23 in a series of attacks in July 2012 to take over the 
major towns of Rutshuru territory and the Congolese armed forces base 
of Rumangabo. Both Governments have also cooperated to support the 
creation and expansion of the political branch of M23 and have 
consistently advocated on behalf of the rebels. M23 and its allies include 
six sanctioned individuals, some of whom reside in or regularly travel to 
Rwanda and Uganda. "

Let me put it another way Pan Butamire is a fucking liar. Let me go further and point out that New Times Rwanda is a publication that has no place amongst serious media.

But maybe it was our presidents’ fault: they sat down with the wrong party. They should have known that Kabila is a spectator to what goes on in his country. Short of sorting out his country’s problems, there is precious little else they can do for him.

Yes we have seen above the efforts of Uganda and Rwanda when it comes to sorting out the problems of the DR Congo. Make no mistake they are to blame for this situation.

Some of these leaders know his place as a fact. But they also know that, unless they are ready to take on ‘the elephant in the mines’, their hands are tied.

"..their hands are tied." They are tied now and the irony is that they did it to themselves. A few weeks ago I blogged.  

" Let us remember the Intervention Brigade concept grew out of a meeting of the ICGLR ( International Conference Great Lakes Region ) and was put forward by Rwanda and Uganda under the Africa Brigade monicker. The ICGLR loved the idea and then decided that the Brigade would be more effective as part of MONUSCO much to Rwanda's horror, how fucking ironic is that. Rwanda was given enough rope and promptly hung themselves."

Does Kabila know that the peace deal would have empowered him?

This is going to be interesting.

I doubt. Yet there is no doubt that he’d have reaped dividends from the talks. The most important of these dividends is that the talks would have introduced him to his people. It may sound absurd but it’s true: Kabila is stranger to many of his people.

Well with a population of over 75 million there's a surprise.

No one can challenge the fact that there are Congolese who have never heard of Kabila’s name, leave alone seen him – or his less diminutive portrait.  Whoever doubts this let them visit Ituri Forest where some people have never seen an invention called “the radio”.

Yes well a spectacular own goal on the part of Butimire. However thanks to Uganda and Rwanda those people who may or may not have seen a radio have almost certainly seen a gun and have probably been displaced from their homes by thugs armed with said guns supplied by Rwanda and Uganda.  Ironic isn't it that the Pygmies are the people he is referring to and they are now representative of the whole Congolese nation, you may have noticed by now the underlying racism of Butimire ( it gets worse ) his ignorance of the Pygmy nation is also somewhat astounding. 

And so the peace talks would not have ended in Kampala, nor with the M23. Our presidents would have passed to Kabila the wisdom that all his people needed this dialogue.

Yes I have noticed that Kagame is a master of the art of political dialogue and the building of consensus when it comes to people who have views that are different from his. 

He would then go out to listen to all grievances and suggestions of solutions. He would cease to fortify himself and brood in his Kinshasa ivory tower – if not white elephant – and spread out to embrace his population. Thus, Kabila and his people can work out a development agenda.  

As we know, there is no wisdom like that of the people. And so they would advise him to ditch the mineral curse and seal all mines.

Ditching the mineral curse is certainly a part of the solution however I don't think the Congolese people need to close the mines to do that.

" The constant wars that have plagued the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly in the eastern provinces, have cost millions of civilians their lives. An entire generation has seen little peace between the submission and emergence of countless armed groups that roam the lawless territories. One of the consistent and primary causes of such carnage is the participation of both Rwanda and Uganda in the exploitation of minerals, which are then funnelled down these rebel groups, or used to line the pockets of the corrupt political elite."
Minerals only enrich foreign countries of the north, where industries are thriving and his citizens’ abject poverty is unequivocal evidence. The solution is the land. In a vast country whose every inch is fertile, who needs minerals?

Who indeed needs minerals ? Again from the Security Council Group of Experts point 176 of the report.

" The scale of laundering of Congolese minerals in the Rwandan tagging system is impossible to estimate on the basis of the incidents highlighted above. There is, however, a clear correlation between the shifting predominance of tantalum ore and tungsten ore mining close to the border and the increasing exports by Rwanda of those minerals. Conversely, Rwandan exports of tin ore have declined as smuggling of this ore from the interior of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has decreased. These trends suggest that the volumes of laundered minerals may be significant."
The Congolese, intelligent as they are elegant, need only concentrate on agriculture. Their cassava, potato, tea, coffee, maize, timber and a variety of their other produce wealth will build their infrastructure and industry. Following which, they can waltz into the family of middle-income countries.

Butimire isn't even attempting to disguise his agenda which is of course the continuing theft of Congolese minerals into the future.

Whereupon, the time to now open up their mines and power their industries after which, they can do what they do best. Sing, enjoy their music and make merry – hopefully, not the way of their soldiers!

That is probably one of the most racist pieces of bullshit I have read. 

Alas, for our poor neighbours, all this has turned into wishful thinking. Kabila and his greedy advisers have thrown the baby out with the bath water. They have squandered the goodwill of the regional presidents who were ready to give of their time.

I don't think the DR Congo would have survived much more goodwill on the part of the regional presidents. The baby he is referring to can only be M23 and the bath water the chaos, rape and murder genocide these killers have inflicted on the Eastern DR Congo on behalf of said regional presidents.

Some of them – precious few, too, unfortunately! – have dealt with Western do-gooders and know how to square up with them. Kabila and his cronies would’ve gained immensely from a communion with these sages.

The obligatory attack on the West. I am guessing that this is a reference to the Security Council, something the fool might have forgotten Rwanda currently holds a seat on.

Now the DRC has no hope of ever extricating itself out of the quandary it’s in, as a theatre of contests among a raft of hungry Western world wolves.

OK here's an idea. I know geographically you can't actually get any further east than New Zealand and Australia isn't too far to our west but that said we would I think fall into the " Western world wolves " category he mentions. When it comes to agriculture there isn't a nation in the world within spitting distance of New Zealand similarly when it comes to mining the Aussies are in a class of their own.  I think the Congolese might well prefer us to assist them developing their agricultural and mining sectors ( not to mention tourism which we are bloody good at as well ) wolves though we have been branded, to the Crocodiles who have inflicted so much misery there to date. 

It’s not enough for the Western powers to watch through satellites and drones and make sure that this status quo is not interfered with. They have deployed special envoys who have pitched tent on the ground, to instantly report on the slightest threat.

You left us very little choice. When you inflict a genocide on a nation do you expect us to stand by, blind once again. It is of course not just the west, the eyes of the world are watching you. We will not be Blind This Time.  

But, so far, there is no threat. The bothersome pest that threatened to be one has been dealt a terminal blow. M23, Tutsi-led, therefore synonymous with having a stubbornly inquisitive streak, has been vanquished.

Again the racism. The appalling thing is that Rwanda has not learnt from the genocide inflicted on the Tutsi and seem determined to avenge that by murdering millions of Congolese who had nothing to do with it. Had this fool used column in New Times to call on the Congolese Army ( FARDC ) MONUSCO and the Intervention ( African ) Brigade having defeated M23 to turn its attention and guns on the FDLR the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide he would have had not only my support but that of the world.   

All should be happy. After all, it was Rwanda/Uganda-backed. If anybody wants evidence, there is raping to imagine and there are child-soldiers to fabricate.

That is a disgusting lie. There is no fabrication and make no mistake Joseph Goebbels kindred spirit Butimire knows that it is a lie.
DRC is now at peace with itself, as Kabila’s benefactors and guardians wanted it.

Yet neighbours, ever caring souls, are concerned. Now that the Western media, rights groups, charity and other organisations have evacuated, satisfied that the enemy is no more, no one knows what’s happening in North Kivu.

I despise Butimire for his racism and his lying but I almost pity him for his stupidity if he really believes the west is going to abandon the eastern DR Congo to the brutality of Rwanda. It is over Rwanda you are finished in the DR Congo. The fool has contradicted himself within a few sentences complaining of the presence of envoys pitching tents and drones while telling us the western aid organisations have gone. They haven't but and it isn't a small but, the fool is blinded by his own racism, the Congolese don't need us to tell the world what is happening in the Kivus. Chantal Faida, Charly Kasereka are far better journalists / bloggers than he will ever be, they tell the truth and both are from the North Kivu province. I haven't even scratched the surface but Alex Engwete has his finger on so many pulses I find it just about impossible to keep up. 
The whole area has become a black hole. Our regional media, ever dependent on Western media feeds, is none the wiser either.

He really is a fucking fool.

Everybody remembers that there were reports of looting by the Congolese army on entering Bunagana, near Uganda. The way the reports quickly disappeared, however, there is no telling if they were not immediately quashed.

Actually I didn't see a single report along those lines I saw many about the locals greeting the arrival of FARDC and subsequent reports about the discovery of mass graves in former M23 controlled territory.  Why ? The Congolese army didn't loot they liberated.

Then there were reports of reprisals against the relatives of M23 fighters, which equally quickly vanished.

Again I didn't see any and the problem is that Butimire has lied so often in this New Times opinion piece that if he told me fish lived in the sea I wouldn't believe him with out independent verification.

The way Kabila is spectator to his country’s affairs is the way he is, to his army. So, knowing “his” army, who can believe that it is now miraculously disciplined? There is strong reason to fear for the lives of relatives of M23 fighters still in the area.

Western powers keeping guard over DRC cannot be trusted to care for them. Nor can their weapon of mass destruction (WMD, otherwise ‘acronymed’ as MONUSCO).

Pan Butimire you are a liar and a fool, even worse you are a racist.

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