Friday, November 29, 2013

Zimbabwe: The Hangman of Harare prepares for his final execution.

The Washington Post reports

Zimbabwe: Foreigners must close shops by Jan 1.

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwean authorities say they have given foreign shop-owners —mostly Chinese and Nigerian nationals— an ultimatum to shut down their businesses by Jan. 1.
My immediate thought is of course that Mugabe and his fellow Zanu PF thieves have run out of farms to steal and having destroyed the agricultural sector of the Zimbabwe economy are now moving in on the retail and service  sectors. I am betting that Chinese nationals will not be targeted by this measure, that said Mugabe is clearly insane.
" While over $3 billion dollars of official Chinese finance in this period ( 2000 and 2011 ) were investments in agriculture, forestry, and fishing projects, the Chinese government also supported activities related to food security, military support, and humanitarian response. It is not obvious, however, that all of these activities were of benefit to the Zimbabwean people. Media reports indicate that Chinese financing has enabled the Mugabe regime to construct a new presidential mansion, purchase equipment to censor independent radio and television stations, as well as monitor the political activities of opponent politicians and their constituents in the 2005 presidential election. "

A top official of the black empowerment ministry said only Zimbabweans had the right to run shops that have sprung up across the country and are termed foreign businesses targeted under the nation’s black empowerment laws, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported Friday.
The Black Empowerment Ministry have a bit of a name problem here. They have stolen all the white farms and business and in the process bankrupted them, that is a tragedy insofar as these business were feeding millions who are now in mired in poverty, but the white owners generally got out and were able to start again. Now it is the turn of the black business owners to be robbed ironically by the Black Empowerment Ministry. 
Africa.. Zimbabwe is your problem now, Mugabe is your problem... he is now going to rob your expats working in Zimbabwe.  Africa you have sheltered this thief  you have given him a legitimacy he never deserved. You preach Pan-Africanism, this is the Zimbabwe face of Pan-Africanism, 
Those laws, passed in 2007, demand foreign businesses to cede 51 percent control to local blacks.
That needs a little clarification, " local blacks " means the leadership of Zanu PF, this is not about looking after the interests of the Zimbabwe people, Mugabe never has and never will give a toss about them, this is a last desperate roll of the dice aimed at rewarding those who have collaborated in the corruption, a last chance for criminal profit before the whole house of cards collapses.   
The foreign shop owners have been criticized for taking retail trade opportunities from Zimbabwean traders by selling cheap imports.
That is hilarious " cheap imports " as if Zimbabwe has a manufacturing sector. Mugabe and his Zanu PF are now going to destroy for personal gain the only sector of the economy that actually works. 
" Captains of industry meeting for the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) annual congress which begins on Wednesday in Bulawayo have their work cut out after the latest manufacturing survey showed a deepening crisis in industry. 

The three-day conference, ending on October 11, is expected to craft strategies to improve industrial production, cut losses and stop capacity utilisation from declining further, as it did in 2012, crashing to 39 percent from 44 percent a year earlier, the survey’s findings showed.

It is symbolic that the congress is taking place in Bulawayo, the country’s former industrial hub, where over the years countless companies have drowned in high debt or are currently reporting widening losses or downsizing operations or falling under judicial management."

Poor townships and city flea markets have in recent years been inundated by shops run by foreigners.
Flea markets, that is all that remains and Mugabe's greed and hatred will now consume even them.
According to state media, shop owners who fail to comply will be arrested.
Arresting people who will not cooperate in their own destruction by a criminal government. Welcome to Zimbabwe Nazi Germany.
" We belong to this continent. We do not mind having and bearing sanctions banning us from Europe. We are not Europeans. We have not asked for any inch of Europe or any square inch of that territory. "  R Mugabe

He means every word of that. He has consumed Zimbabwe, he has along with the other Crocodiles of the continent robbed and raped in the DR Congo. Africa you must stop this evil before he destroys you.


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