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Three shells fell on Goma. A blog by Charly Kasereka

Charly Carolüs Kasereka blogs at The ACTU OF Kivu. 

( I have used Google Translate to translate this from the French original and have attempted to then clean it up, any mistakes are mine not Charly's )

I will make one observation and that is the amount of time spent at the security council on two mortars that landed in Rwanda fired from the DR Congo and the batshit crazy Rwandan Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo attempts to justify ongoing Rwandan aggression in the DR Congo because of this, yet no mention has been made of this. Indeed the world would not know about this Rwandan violation of the DR Congo's territory without Charly. 

Three shells fell on Goma. Who is behind this ?

Specific reports indicate shells fell in the town of Goma. Witnesses who were in the vicinity of the Goma airport confirmed that the trajectory of the last bomb came from Rwanda.

The most dangerous bomb fell at North Mabanga in a residential property, Fortunately the kids were playing a bit further away from home. The other landed in a toilet and a little later the MONUSCO  minesweeper team arrived to the scene. 

In the house in question only a cabinet and the wall of the living room as well as some sheets were affected when the shell hit the house. 

The Governor of the province and senior officers of MONUSCO arrived on site on Tuesday at the North Mabanga neighborhood of Constanter. 
" We should not speculate on the origin of the munitions, it must await the analysis of experts later to properly determine its origin'' said Julien Paluku Kahongya governor North Kivu. 

Another bomb fell in Majengo near the station commonly known as "mom Olive Station" a position of FARDC and possibly targeting them. 

According to an official of the city of Goma, this is the result of an angry response to failures of enemy troops that were pushed up to three antennas landmark on the road to Kibumba. 

FARDC ( The Congolese army ) want to push back M23 ( Congolese Rebels ) further to avoid any pressure on their forward positions. 

Clashes this Monday, July 22, 2013 were confirmed by M23 sources. One of them described the resulting clash: "Early this morning, at around 2am the 10th and 4th battalions of the FDLR ( Rwandan rebels ) and FARDC attacked the positions of the M23 through Virunga National Park, in order to conduct an offensive against the M23 from there rear via Kibumba. 

These battalions were the artillery reinforcement  FARDC. Subsequently, FARDC attacked the forces of M23 from Rusayo ... " 

Another source, the director of Radio VBR Goma Kubuya Thomas stated that FARDC recovered Monday at 14:30 a strategic position of the M23 on the side of Nyiragongo at Kilimanyoka and have recovered two heavy weapons were positioned there. M23 soldiers who had also placed another heavy weapon on the hill to Nyundo Buhumba (28km from Goma) retrieve it later. 

according to one of our sources Kibumba Makenga General and Colonel Kazarama held a quick meeting at the Nuru Kibumba primary school. After the meeting, they left the area to head Kibumba (vegetable market) intending to move towards Rutshuru. 

Ongoing clashes were reported through to Tuesday 23 July up to 20 kilometers from Goma, the likely and the official death toll of the attacks was not known today Tuesday because of opposition clashes on the road from Goma to Kiwanja.

Posted by CHARLY Kasereka at The ACTU OF Kivu. The photos are Charlys as well

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