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DR Congo: The lies of Louise Mushikiwabo, Foreign Minister Rwanda

Chimp Report ( Uganda ) reports

Rwanda Warns UN On DRC-FDLR Alliance

“It’s time for the practical action that will bring peace to the Eastern DRC,” Rwanda’s Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo told the UN Security Council Thursday evening.

                                                                                               Louise Mushikiwabo

Addressing a UN Security Council debate chaired US Secretary of State John Kerry, Minister Mushikiwabo reiterated Rwanda’s backing for the UN peace process designed to end decades of conflict and instability.

“The Framework of Hope, along with regional peace efforts, offer a realistic path to lasting peace and security. There has been more than enough grandstanding by unaccountable actors who seek profit and publicity from the region’s misery,” Minister Mushikiwabo said.

I can't believe I am reading this shit. Rwanda seems to regard the world as stupid and that is a very stupid thing to do. Human Rights Watch details the evidence it has amassed against Rwanda in a report this week that I have blogged here with specific eye witness accounts in part two here.  
The accounts and evidence presented are more than convincing. Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo is a fool to try and lie her and Rwanda's way out of this but as you can see is doing just that.

Mushikiwabo said on the recent FDLR-FARDC collusion, Rwanda remains “seriously concerned.”

There is evidence to back this allegation by Mushikiwabo and it is convincing. The problem is that there is no evidence so far that this was an action of Kinshasa rather than that of regional FARDC officers acting foolishly. The greater problem for Rwanda is that there is a huge amount of evidence that Rwanda has backed and is backing M23 to a huge extent on the direct say so of Kigali. Mushikiwabo cynicism is astonishing. 

“The Security Council received a letter (document S/2013/402) from my Government with details, so I will not repeat the specifics today. Nevertheless, Rwanda requests concerned parties to halt any further threats to its territory and its population such as the recent bombing into Rubavu district from the DRC territory,” she warned.

Again it would seem that two mortars did hit Rwandan territory but just who fired them is a complete unknown as far as I can see. It could have been FDLR rebels or for that matter M23 rebels.

“Nor can the peace process withstand destructive military alliances.

I guess Rwanda views its alliance with M23 as constructive. 

" A 12-year-old girl told Human Rights Watch that an M23 fighter caught and raped her in June as she and her friends were buying sugar cane in a field near an M23 position in Rutshuru:

I saw a [M23] soldier. I started running, but I tripped on a piece of sugar cane and fell. The soldier caught up with me and said he would kill me because I tried to flee. I stopped then because I was very scared. Then he raped me. I cried out, but he closed my mouth.

A 17-year-old girl said M23 fighters had raped her twice. The second time, in June, occurred when she was alone in her house after M23 police abducted her husband and forced him to join a night patrol:"

These are just two of the many abuses inflicted by M23 on the people of the Eastern DR Congo as listed by Human Rights Watch.

Bombs from areas controlled by Congolese troops, FARDC, and MONUSCO recently hit Rwanda.

It is very hard to know just who controls what areas and who is co-operating with who. There is however compelling evidence M23 were operating in the MONUSCO controlled area. 

This morning, after a few hours of fighting and then CRA ( M23 ) was going to pursue the attackers but they were dispersed by the contingent of the UN Mission to the DRC (MONUSCO). An act which Bertrand Bisimwa, president of M23, welcomed with a public statement.

It also emerged that DRC was heavily arming FDLR militia, a group of extremists that draws its militants and leaders from perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) responded by warning DRC that it would not tolerate more bombings in the future.

“While Rwanda views any alliance between the FDLR and FARDC as a threat to regional security, we will not allow these disturbing developments to derail our commitment to peace,” said Mushikiwabo. 

Again it would seem that there is some truth to the charge that FARDC has been supporting the FDLR a policy, if it is endorsed by Kinshasa, of madness. It would seem to me to be more likely to be the actions of regional FARDC commanders acting out of frustration at the massive support Rwanda is giving M23. 

Those recruited in Rwanda into the M23 include demobilized Rwandan army soldiers and former FDLR fighters, most of whom had become part of the Rwandan army’s Reserve Force, as well as Rwandan civilians. A 15-year-old Rwandan boy told Human Rights Watch that he and three other young men and boys were promised jobs as cow herders in Congo, but when they got to Congo were forced to join the M23. They were given military training by Rwandan officers in Congo and told they would be killed if they tried to escape. Other M23 deserters also said Rwandan officers were training new M23 recruits.
Former M23 officers who had been part of previous Rwanda-backed rebellions said they recognized officers serving with the M23 who they knew were members of the Rwandan army. Congolese deserters told Human Rights Watch that a number of M23 fighters admitted freely that they were Rwandan. Some said they had served in the Rwandan army’s peacekeeping contingent in Darfur.
The evidence of Human Rights Watch is overwhelming yet we have this insane attempt by Louise Mushikiwabo to deflect Rwandas action pointing to some isolated indiscretions by FARDC whilst pretending the systematic actions of the Rwandans never happened. The woman is mad.
While endorsing Secretary Kerry’s Presidential Statement on the Great Lakes Regional Framework, Mushikiwabo said Rwanda would have liked to see more support of regional initiatives such as the peace talks at Kampala sponsored by the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).

The talks collapsed months ago. This is a total red herring. 

Rwanda’s future prospects are inextricably tied to the outcomes of the peace process, Mushikiwabo told international diplomats and senior government officials who converged on the UN’s New York headquarters for Secretary Kerry’s inaugural appearance as Security Council President.

“Let me put it in the clearest possible terms: in order to secure long-term peace and prosperity for Rwanda into the future, we need a peaceful and prosperous DRC. As long as conditions persist that allow more than thirty rebel groups to roam with Eastern DRC with impunity -- or as long as men and boys see nothing in their futures beyond crime, violence and conflict -- such a transformation will remain beyond reach.”

The statement followed a disputed report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) that Rwanda was supporting M23 rebels.

The problem is that the Human Rights Watch report reeks of credibility, unlike the position of the Rwandan Government. The only disputers it would seem are the Rwandans who lack any credibility.


Minister Mushikiwabo outlined ways Rwanda has begun implementing recommendations contained in the Peace and Security Framework conceived by UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon and overseen by Special Envoy for the Great Lakes, Mary Robinson.

These included the disarmament of M23 fighters who have crossed into Rwanda as a result of infighting in March this year, as well as reporting sanctioned high ranking officers; Cooperation with UN agencies to accommodate roughly 70,000 Congolese nationals who have sought refuge in Rwanda as a result of instability in the Kivus; and support to the deployment of the Intervention Brigade to allow MONUSCO to carry out its Protection of Civilians responsibility.

Yes well the disarming of the M23 fighters that crossed into Rwanda makes a lot of sense given that Rwanda had armed and supported the other faction of M23 which had defeated them. It doesn't seem to have occurred to the killers of Kigali how much of an own goal this was though, they are that bloody insane but I guess you take whatever breaks you can get from the Congolese perspective.

Supporting the Intervention Brigade ( Africa Brigade ) is yet another demonstrable lie however.

“Those who think that Rwanda today should sit down at the negotiating table with FDLR simply don’t know what they are talking about,” she said adding that it is unfortunate that the rebel group has sympathisers in the region, including President Kikwete himself, should he not retract his comments.

President Kikwete has very legitimate reasons for wanting negotiations Tanzania is leading MONUSCO's Africa brigade. This is to become the offensive arm of the MONUSCO deployment anything that limits the potential casualties that may be inflicted on the Africa brigade should be considered and if that means talking to the FDLR however distasteful that may be, it should be done.

Mushikiwabo told the French broadcaster that she did not expect President Kikwete to suggest that Rwanda negotiate with known terrorists since he has served as a foreign affairs minister for his country and knows the FDLR background.

Which shows Mushikiwabo's geopolitical failings and unsuitability for her role.

The reality is that Kigali has done everything possible to disrupt and delay the deployment of the Intervention Brigade ( Africa Brigade ). The Brigades deployment will end Rwanda's economic imperialism in the Easter DR Congo and they know it.
Others include efforts to boost regional cooperation through enhanced economic integration and tackling the exploitation of natural resources, including the seizure of 8.4 tons of smuggled minerals which are being to DRC authorities

“We continue to see good performance in the mining industry in the first half of 2011 where export volumes increased by 5.4 percent in value reaching $72.5 million,” said Gatete told members of the media Tuesday.
But, according to critics, Rwanda barely has a mining sector to talk of and especially as an economic pillar for the country to lean on.
“Which mines does BNR say have the minerals that can fetch over $70 million worth of exports, those are from mineral reserves that James Kabarebe and company stole from Congo in the late 1990s,” an insider source revealed to this newspaper.
President Kagame using Kabarebe is said to have stolen gold in thousands of tonnes among other minerals when Rwandan forces operated in Congo in late 1990s. These minerals make part of the resources that the UN accused Rwanda of plundering in Congo, an accusation Rwanda has overwhelmingly denied over the years.

Minister Mushikiwabo urged all parties to adhere to the Peace, Security, and Cooperation Framework, saying that after nearly two decades of armed conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, there is now an historic opportunity for peace and prosperity.

She further said when M23 leader General Bosco Ntaganda surrendered to the U.S. Embassy in Kigali on March 18th, Rwandan authorities offered facilitation for his transfer to The Hague.

Yes an opportunity that Ntaganda declined to take given Rwanda had supported the opposing faction an sensibly handed himself in to the Americans. He would be a corpse had he done otherwise and his date with the International Criminal Court must be causing more than a few sleepless nights in Kigali. I am looking forward to his evidence.  

“We can all agree that the economic components of the Framework must be implemented alongside its political and security aspects. To that end, Rwanda is working to boost regional cooperation through enhanced economic integration and close collaboration in cross-border trade,” said Mushikiwabo, adding, “Just last month, Rwanda mining authorities seized 8.4 metric tons of smuggled minerals and are in the process of returning them to DRC authorities, as has been our practice in the past.”

Mushikiwabo is batshit crazy. Unfortunately for her and Rwanda the world isn't.


Coltan is short for Columbite-tantalite - a black tar-like mineral found in major quantities in the Congo. The Congo possesses 64 percent of the world's coltan. When coltan is refined it becomes a heat resistant powder that can hold a high electric charge. The properties of refined coltan is a vital element in creating devices that store energy or capacitors, which are used in a vast array of small electronic devices, especially in mobile phones, laptop computers, pagers, and other electronic devices.

Who are the primary exploiters of Coltan in the Congo?
Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and their proxy militias are the primary exploiters of coltan in the Congo. In an 18 month period Rwanda made $250 million as a result of exploitation of coltan in the Congo. Although Rwanda and Uganda possess little or no coltan, during the period of the war in the Congo, their exports escalated exponentially. For example, Rwanda's coltan export went from less than 50 tons in 1995 to almost 250 tons in 1998. Zero cassiterite was transported from the Congo to Uganda in 1998, however by 2000 151 drums were transported.

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