Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DR Congo: A Rwandan moron called Sunny Ntayombya

 Sunny Ntayombya at New Times Rwanda opines

I say “enough” to Congolese bombs and external cues

As I had feared, Rwanda is once again being called ‘home’ by the hundreds of Congolese civilians who are fleeing the renewed fighting between the Congolese army, FARDC, and the M23 rebels.
I will not put my head on the block and choose sides. However, I find it extremely unfortunate that the nascent peace talks that were taking place in Kampala, Uganda, and mediated by the Ugandan government, weren’t allowed to yield fruit. It seems that the aggressors, whoever they are, have chosen to fight it out. However, in my humble opinion, the issues that made the M23 rebel in the first place will still exist. To think any different is naïve.

Sunny Ntayombya you are a sanctimonious piece of shit. If you are writing on this issue even in such a useless propaganda rag such as New Times Rwanda at least make some attempt to look at the issue. Let me put it more fucking plainly, your fucking government yup Paul Kagame is  behind the whole sorry saga that is M23 the failure of the Kampala talks can be laid directly at Kilgalis door. 

Will the Rwandophone population in North Kivu feel protected? Will the question of who is and who isn’t a Congolese citizen disappear in the gun smoke? What about the Mai-Mai? What about the FDLR? Will they stop robbing, raping and killing? I’m not too hopeful. And, I know that I’m about to spout an opinion that might be unpopular to some, if any more FARDC bombs fall on our territory and, god forbid, kill our nationals, I hope that our armed forces swiftly act. 

Hey wanker they already have. They not only train and arm M23 they also go into the field yes Congolese territory arsehole to assist M23 in operations against FARDC.

I know that if we did we’d be lambasted by all and sundry, but what are we supposed to ask our army to do? To become Christian and turn the other cheek? If that is so, what’s the point of even having one if it can’t take offensive action? Under international law, we’d have every right t do so. But, I hope that Rwanda’s protests are heeded because, at the end of the day, the nations of the Great Lakes region should do all they can to reduce tensions, not increase them. I will continue to follow the events across the border with interest. I only hope that the FARDC aims its mortars ‘better’ next time. 

Yeah act... your government has attempted to balkanise the DR Congo why not go the whole fucking way and get you armed forces who are as useless as the FARDC bastards, to go to their logical conclusion and murder and rape the refugees as they cross the border rather than their usual practice of doing on  the Congolese side of the border. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote ‘Overrated and in a critical state? May Rwanda always remain thus’ in which I lampooned the FP 2013 Failed State Index. After dissecting the magazine’s research methodology, I came to the conclusion that it was based on faulty information. It wasn’t the first time I had found fault with foreign reports, either made by human rights groups or publications. I’ve waited with bated breath every year, preparing myself to counter their allegations with some homegrown truths. And on the other hand, I’ve waited for ‘positive’ reports from the World Bank, IMF and others, which I’ve then used to justify just how well we were doing. 

Yeah fucking amazing how well those export figures have been stacking up for Rwanda particularly in minerals that you don't fucking have. Why would that be ? Oh what a fucking surprise those minerals exist in abundance in the DR Congo just over the border infact. What a huge amazing unpredictable surprise  Sunny Ntayombya wants the Rwandan Armed forces to invade the DR Congo so a bit more Rwandan rape and pillage can occur. You fucker. 
                                                              Fucker Sunny Ntayombya

Well, after giving it some thought, I came to the realisation that by taking my cues from foreigners I was ceding my independence to them. Wittingly or not. I could not, in all honesty, say that I was proud of my country when I cared about what others thought of it. And not what I, and other Rwandans, thought. 

Actually arsehole what you just done is deny independence to the people of the DR Congo, you have supported the removal of their right to self determination. My God you make me sick, however on your quest to prove your independence you have of course blamed the victims those who can't fight back. How fucking western and independent you are. Have you joined the GOP yet ?

For example, I was pleased that the Rwanda Governance Board took it upon itself to carry out a survey among Rwandans to find out how they perceived media freedoms in the country. According to the Rwanda Media Barometer, 89.5 per cent believed that the environment was conducive to freedom of expression and media freedom.

Wow you really are a cock sucker. Are you on Kagame's staff or are you brown nosing with an eye to the future. 

This survey will be rubbished by those who’ve made it their life’s work to see fault in everything (I call them professional finger-pointing judges). However, the Barometer gives voice to those who actually live in the country. And those are the people who are important. 
Most people call them independent.

I’ve been following the third-term debate closely. One of the reasons some people give to oppose it is because it will ‘look bad’ internationally. I think that that way of thinking is wrong. We shouldn’t be worried about how people, who will never walk in our shoes, will feel. At the end of the day, they will have to deal with whomever Rwandans want them to deal with. 

This moron is beyond belief. I have never read such unmitigated bullshit. This is a new high low even for New Times. 

As the President said in the middle of the aid-cut saga, “we are a small country, but not a small people”. I feel that he was asking us to be more self-confident and self-sufficient. We should stop being affected by either those who laud or demean us. Let’s take our cues from Rwandans.  I will start today by promising you, dear readers, that I will never again spend precious time (and valuable newsprint) on foreign reports. Let us ‘play’ our own ‘game’. And ignore those who want to ‘play’ theirs.

And why was the aid cut ? For Rwandan interference in the DR Congo you fucking moron.

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  1. Sunny responded to an email I sent him regarding this blog and I apologise to him for all the personal abuse I gave him. He is a good guy although we clearly disagree.
    I thank him for his good humoured emails