Sunday, January 20, 2013

Zimbabwe: One less Crocodile

Voice of America reports

Mugabe Deputy John Nkomo Dies of Cancer

Zimbabwean Vice President John Nkomo died on Thursday after treatment for cancer in South Africa, President Robert Mugabe said, removing a potential successor to the aging leader who has his own health problems.
Nkomo, 78, was nominated for the joint number two position alongside Joice Mujuru two years ago after a fractious meeting of the southern African nation's ruling ZANU-PF party.

Nkomo was also a key figure in the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF); he was National Chairman of ZANU-PF until December 2009, when he was elected as Vice-President of ZANU-PF. As a consequence of his elevation to the party's vice-presidency, he also became Vice-President of Zimbabwe in December 2009

I get a degree of satisfaction when evil bastards exit unfortunately the evil this man did will live long after him. As far as I can see he did no good what so ever.

"We've lost our vice president John Landa Nkomo. He was suffering for a long time with cancer. All of a sudden now we heard his situation had become worse ... deteriorated from yesterday," a somber Mugabe told reporters at his official residence.

I am waiting with some anticipation for the day I get to wish good riddance to Mugabe, the leading Crocodile of Africa.
A founding member of nationalist leader Joshua Nkomo's ZAPU before its merger with Mugabe's ZANU-PF in the 1980s, Nkomo was seen by many as an efficient administrator but an unlikely potential successor to Mugabe due to his age and ill health.

Reichsf├╝hrer-SS Heinrich Himmler was also considered to be an efficient administrator. The comparison is apt.
Analysts say his death will rekindle debate over 88-year-old Mugabe's health issues and open up a succession battle as the country's shaky coalition government edges towards a general election due this year.
Mugabe vowed in December to fight like a "wounded beast" to retain power amid grumbling within his party that he should hand over the reins to a younger leader. He is Africa's oldest head of state and has ruled the former British colony since independence in 1980.

33 years. It requires little imagination to think of the wealth Mugabe has robbed from the people of Zimbabwe in that time. Giving up power will almost certainly mean facing  judgement at some point in the future. Mugabe intends to go out feet first.
There has been widespread speculation about his health but Mugabe and the government have denied reports he has been receiving treatment for prostate cancer in Singapore over the last two years.
Official media were silent on Nkomo's death but the U.S. embassy released a statement offering its condolences at the passing of "a patriot who dedicated his life to Zimbabwe's sovereignty and prosperity."

That is the height of hypocrisy from the US embassy and President Obama should be telling them to pull their bloody heads in. From Wikipedia .

Nkomo was among a number of individuals not allowed to travel to the United States because the US government alleges he has worked to undermine democracy and rule of law in Zimbabwe.
Mugabe and ZANU-PF are struggling to shore up support among young voters, who care more about the economy than the party's role in leading the 1970s liberation struggle against white-minority rule.

Exactly and Mugabe and his merry band of thugs have destroyed by their greed and corruption one of the wealthiest countries in Africa.

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