Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DR Congo: African Union Magic

Mutaani reports. Translated to English by Bing Translate.

Le commissaire à la paix et la sécurité de l’UA à Kinshasa

Ramtane Lamamra, Commissioner for peace and security of the African Union (AU), arrived in Kinshasa Wednesday for a visit of two days on the situation in the region of the Great Lakes and the armed conflict in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The peace and security of the AU Commissioner will visit Friday and Saturday to neighbouring Rwanda, said a press release of the African Union. In the DRC and in Rwanda, he will "meet officials (...)". to discuss the situation in the region of the Great Lakes and the efforts to promote peace, security and stability".

What on earth is this going to achieve ?

The Congolese army confronts the movement of March 23 (M23) since may in rich and volatile North Kivu province (East), where the fighting is 500,000 displaced persons and refugees. UN experts accuse Rwanda and neighboring Uganda of supporting the rebels, which both countries deny.

I love the way history is being rewritten here. The Congolese Army ran away it might not be palatable but it is a fact. The Congolese Army limited its confrontations to the people of Goma. It raped robbed and killed civilians. FARDC has no moral authority and no honour, it has no place as a legitimate military organisation.

The specific au release that, "during his stay in the DRC, the Commissioner will travel also in Goma", the capital of Nord-Kivu which the M23 was seized on November 20 before to withdraw 11 days later at the request of the States of the region of the Great Lakes and the promise of a dialogue with Kinshasa.

Dialogue between legal and rebel authorities began on 9 December in Kampala, capital of Uganda, at the head of the mediation to the region of the Great Lakes. Suspended because of the holiday, the talks, which have not experienced breakthrough, should resume Friday.

The reporting here is naive to say the best. The breakthroughs should they come will not happen in Kampala. The Kampala talks are about agreeing the framework for the actual talks that are scheduled to take place in Goma. This is a talk about the rules for future talks. I can think of no better definition of a talkfest.

Ramtane Lamamra mission must precede a visit that the President of the AU commission, Ms. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, "proposes to undertake in the region, as part of efforts by the AU to resolve the crisis in the East of the DRC", adds the release.

"In this respect is added, the AU commission will organise in Addis Ababa, January 8, 2013, a meeting at the ministerial level on the deployment in the East of the DRC's International Force neutral" who must fight the "negative" armed groups, including the M23.

I hope like hell this " International Force neutral who must fight the "negative" armed groups, including the M23..." is a translation failure. If not the force should not be deployed.

At this meeting, it will also question of stepping up the joint expanded verification mechanism, a regional organization to monitor the Congolese-Rwandan border.

Why ? I guess abject failure begets abject failure.

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