Monday, January 7, 2013

Imperator Fish: Scott gets of to a flying start.

Scott at Imperator Fish is off to an early start with potentially the funniest blog post for 2013, a few highlights,

Put my blog behind a paywall. A boring old man who writes for the NBR once told me I was nuts to give my content out for free. I was about to tell him I would be nuts to pay to read anything he wrote online, but mercifully good manners prevailed. He's right though. This is the year I monetise my blog. Ads, pop-up boxes, links to online gambling sites, and of course a paywall. I'm gonna be rich!

Pontificate more. If one should just happen to be blessed with the wisdom of Solomon then one would really have a responsibility to share that wisdom with the world. So I intend to spend more time passing judgment on people I don't know based on scant evidence, and claiming I have all the answers to critical and pressing problems. What could be more enjoyable than reading a series of blogposts where someone who knows nothing about a particular topic beyond what he read on Stuff argues vehemently that a group of people with different views on the topic are monstrously wrong?

Become a god. I wanted to include this resolution, although I haven't really thought through how it is going to work. I figure if I can knock the first five resolutions off before the end of June, then that will give me six whole months to come into my godhood.  I know any crackpot can set up a religion and call himself or herself a god, but I want actual god powers, and if I can't smite people or walk on water then it won't be worth the effort. Still, if my third resolution comes off and I can get people to pay for my content then it will be a f**cking miracle, so I suppose I'll be there already.

Go have a read.

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