Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kyle Chapman is a national embarressment

Close Up  tonight ran a story on Christchurch describing it as the most racist city in New Zealand

" Christchurch is undergoing the the biggest population change the country has seen in recent history.
With the rebuild thousands of people from not just New Zealand but all over the world are on their way in.
But are they welcome?"

They of course ran with a picture of Kyle Chapman, a man I detest. He is a national embarressment.

I actually think I hate Kyle Chapman and I try to avoid hate.

" United Future leader Peter Dunne has called for a “multiculturalism act” in light of racist anti-immigration flyers distributed in areas of New Zealand.

The flyers, which were dished out in Christchurch and South Auckland, were made by a racially-motivated far right group known as Right Wing Resistance.
They are headed by former National Front leader Kyle Chapman.

Mr Dunne said the act would stamp out blatant racism and mark the growing multiculturalism of New Zealand society.

“Official statistics already show that almost one in three New Zealanders today are of non-European origin – within the next 15 years that is likely to increase to over 40 percent.

“By 2021, for example, a quarter of our population will be of either Asian or Pacific origin.

“A Multiculturalism Act should ensure everyone enjoys equal treatment and protection under the law, while formally acknowledging the freedom of all members of New Zealand society to preserve, enhance and share their cultural heritage without fear of persecution,” he said."

Unfortunately you can't really legislate racism away and Peter Dunne should know that under our law we actually already have  "equal treatment and protection under the law " Dunne should know nothing other than education will ever " stamp out blatant racism" .

What we should be doing is taking the piss out of Kyle Chapman and to be fair both main stream media and blogs from the left and right do just that. I would actually go further. This is his Resume .

" Chapman was born in Taumarunui, New Zealand. He has said that he wanted to join the National Front from the age of 14, and that he was a skinhead during the 1980s and early 1990s. As a teenager he was a member of several skinhead gangs. He was the founding member of the New Zealand Hammerskins. Over his time as a Skinhead he made major contributions to the skinhead movement in New Zealand. Several organizations were formed with his help to build a national unity in the fractured and conflict-filled subculture. As part of a clean slate in 1995, he confessed to a series of politically motivated arson attacks between 1987 and 1992, primarily education buildings and homes of known sex offenders. He was reported as saying he "wanted to make amends for the actions he had done as an out of control youth".

He is a qualified social worker, and worked in Christchurch from 1993 to 1997, dealing with youths involved in street subcultures. He also served as the youth worker representative on the Safer Community Council in Christchurch from 1996 to 1997.

In May 2009 Chapman married Claire Clifford, a Mormon,[2] but they separated in October of the same year, reportedly due to his failure to fulfill his promise of abandoning his involvement in white supremacy groups.[3] Clifford has a child by Chapman.[4] "

How many of  these pricks are we the tax payer funding ? I have no problem as a tax payer paying the DPB, unemployment, etc benefits but I really hate the idea that part of my tax dollar is funding these guys unless they are incarcerated and unable to preach their hatred.


  1. hey hate boy, love to see you get so wound up

  2. Hey, douchey right wing resistance? E.V.I.L is onto you. We know your little secret....