Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am a major fan of diversity. The idea of a uniform scares the shit out of me at school I managed to get my hands on a tie ( from an op-shop ) from the 60's I suspect  it was very thin in an age when tie's were wide it however complied with the school rules and I was never given comply totally notice by the teachers.

On reflection I suspect it must have been a tie from another era of the college and was therefor legit.

Farrar has posted this photo.

How bloody funny is that. The three ? What ? I haven't a clue.

Are Labour  ( a party I support ) so dislocated  that they need to wear uniforms to caucus meetings ?

I don't do fashion advise but I think this dress code is a uniform and  who ever came up with it should be sent to Siberia in winter.

Icehouse says it all.

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