Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A great Congo blog

Alex Engwete has a fantastic post on Mitt Romney and the implications for Africa should he win the race to the Whitehouse. Alex is fantastic blogger and I recommend his blog to anyone who has an interest in the Congo and the politics of the region

 "[T]he Romneys were reported to have invested at least $1 million in 
Elliott Associates, L.P., a hedge fund specializing in 'distressed 
assets.' Elliott buys up cheap debt, often at cents on the dollar, 
from lenders to deeply troubled nations such as Congo-Brazzaville, 
then attacks the debtor states with lawsuits to squeeze maximum 
repayment. Elliott is run by the secretive hedge-fund billionaire and 
G.O.P. super-donor Paul Singer, whom Fortune recently dubbed Mitt 
Romney's 'Hedge Fund 
Kingmaker.' (Singer has given $1 million to Romney's super-pac Restore 
Our Future.)" 

Romney is therefore one of Africa's most vicious enemies among many 
others--including some African leaders themselves. "

That is a very damming and accurate conclusion. My comment was

 "FG’s owner Peter Grossman was doorstepped by freelance reporter Greg Palast and asked whether he thought it was fair to take $100 million for a debt he had paid $3 million for. He said “Yeah I do actually…I’m not beating up the Congo I’m collecting on a legitimate claim”. 

Again another example of wealth transfer from the poor in Africa to the wealthy in the USA. In most  nations this is illegal, makes you think a bit about the morality of the American republicans you also might want to have a read of Jane Young's unholy gaffs in the holy land.

" So desperate is he - as are all but a couple of American politicians - for the campaign donations from wealthy Jews anywhere (and Christian evangelicals who consider the Bible a legal document with respect to the Zionist dream) that they will turn any trick at the expense of the Palestinians."

Harsh words and I agree. A Romney Whitehouse would be a disaster for not only Africa but the rest of the world as well

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