Sunday, July 1, 2012

Argentina aggression

Argentina has been behaving badly and they should know better. The latest stupidity as detailed by FIS  is an attempt to ignore international law and revert to the role of a thief when it comes to the Falkland Islands.

" In recent months, Argentina has been gathering further support from neighbouring countries to take practical measures against maritime and logistical activities that affect the economy, tourism and oil exploration in the area corresponding to the islands. Obviously, there's a follow-up of companies, partners, shareholders, directors, investors, banks and institutions directly or indirectly involved in the activities that Argentina and its partners intend to undermine and destabilize, in order to force the British government to sit down and discuss the claims, as the various UN resolutions have determined."

What neighbouring countries ?  Venezuela  There would be political support from that direction why the hell you would view that as an asset is beyond me.

This is about far more than soveriegnty over the Falkland Islands it is a story of Argentine debt we worry about public debt in NZ and it is about 25% of GDP in Argentina it is over 50%. 

" The fact is that so far the Argentine government has taken no action with respect to fisheries, but there are strong rumors in Buenos Aires on certain measures, the implementation of which are being studied. One of them might be granting fishing licenses in the conflict zone to fishing vessels from third countries. This measure will involve an "overlap" with what the FIFD has been doing and which represents the main source of income that the Government of the Falklands has received for 30 years."

Interesting and remember that Sanford's fish the Falklands fishery. This should it happen would be tantamount to either a second tax on Sanford's or more likely straight out theft of  valuable resource by the Argentinian government.

" But there are countries that support Argentina's position at the UN, as is the case of Russia and China, and the possible entry of fishing vessels with those flags would mean a full u-turn from the situation the islanders and their current partners have enjoyed. Needless to say, these countries are privileged members of the UN, and therefore, if they perform fishing activities in the area with Argentinean permits, it would be very interesting to see what the reaction of the United Kingdom would be."

I have no idea what the British response would be but anything other than the interdiction of those vessels and confiscation of both catch and vessels would be, well an admission of impotence and a signal that the Falklands will be part of Argentina in the near future.

" Sending Royal Navy vessels to the area to stop a helpless Russian or Chinese flagged fishing vessel would turn the UK into an "aggressor" and it would also force the British diplomacy not only to talk with Argentina but with other politically relevant countries. These alternatives would provide a major shift in the fishing and political situation beyond the Falklands, since resources and important areas are at stake. "

What a load of shit. Russia and China  will not die in the ditch for Argentina, I would expect the Anglo Saxon fist  as proposed by Trotter to clench. Still Argentina will be able to claim closer relations with Venezuela and that will really help their economy when it comes to international investment and ability to borrow.

The only way in the short term that the Falkland's will be under Argentine  sovereignty is by conquest and they have already tried that.

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