Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never Mind The Weather

OK I am not a professional farmer but  I am involved in agriculture in a small way despite my central Auckland location. What a disaster this has been for  the grape growers of  Otago. We had a great year last year and produced some mighty fine wine. Hell I went to Dad's place just after Easter and was given the worst job  " net  management " and then  after I had sorted that "grape management". Dealing with the grapes as they came in from the pickers and packing them into Dad's truck.

My Brother in law who is an accountant  and I  were deposited at an airport  at the same time on the same day going to different cities within NZ. He looked at me and said " Hamish we need an idea a concept that will get us here " He is right 

We are a small operation it is a hobby and we do not sell the product so yes the snow and following freeze was not a disaster for us but it is for the commercial guys they are in real trouble  some have lost I gather 80% of their crop.

I doubt anyone would question my Southern Man status or for that matter my brother in law's we are  Southern Men. We drink Speights, we smack them bro, and we are gutted when our mates who farm are dealt a blow by the weather.

My thoughts are with every person trying to make a living off the land, it is  a hard job.

There is an election and my party Labour are a bunch of bloody prats I really  hate them I mostly hate them because they look like a party of yesteryear, look they are unelectable., but  I hate them more  because they are fucking  useless, a perceived ability   to fail to  change car wheel, do not look to Labour.

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