Monday, November 14, 2011

Where do ( I ) We go from here ? Oh, and I stuffed that up.

It is no secret that while I am a centre left blogger I have very little time for Labour at the moment. I actually am not a fan of the Greens but I have become so disillusioned with Labour that I was seriously thinking about giving them my party vote this time round. Last night I confidently and  in retrospect stupidly made this statement on kiwiblog

I very much doubt it would be the youth wing of either Labour or the Greens, the Greens are probably competent enough to organise it something I doubt could be said about their counterparts in Labour. I suspect unions as in those that have actual workers as members would also shy away from this. It is against the law.
It has been well planned and executed ( bar the Whale slip up ) and that tends to make me think students’ associations. Most student associations have weekly papers and the printers are minnows and they are hungry for any work they can get so don’t expect any printer to stick their hand up. Also student association accounts are not held up to what I would describe as rigorous scrutiny could I have got away with it when I worked for Critic ( OUSA publication ) probably, bar one of my co-workers ( we shared the sales job ) being a Young Nat.
” No one else would have the contact and resources to do this.”
Lack of resources DPF ? If I couldn’t pull this off for under a $1000 ( and I suspect I could do it for $500 plus postage ) OK I am in the industry and know where to go but it is just working a phone to figure that out.
My thoughts, well yes despite being one of the left leaning commentators on Kiwiblog, it is not negotiable break the law and if you do well be honest and do it like a Whale. What ever we think of Cameron’s politics nobody can question his integrety they could have learned a lot from Cameron’s honesty.
My Challenge to the sticker people tell us who you are ?

Well got that wrong. It was members of the Greens and they fucked up big time. I will not be voting Green. Had  Russel Norman dimissed his executive assitant on the spot given her partner was behind this I might have been more charitable but as Farrar at Kiwiblog points out.

" I have worked for four parliamentary leaders. If my partner who is a party member did something like that, and I knew about it for two months and didn’t tell anyone in my office, I would absolutely expect to leave the office the day it came out, and not return. "

Farrar is spot on. The Whale has been on top of this from  day one. You know hating Whale for his total blunt smack  you verbally and factually in the head style is not smart. A big well done to Cameron  and his site oh and I have never met Cameron ( I did wave at him once as he passed me on Prince Regent Drive on a bike but he didn't see me )

So where do we ( I ) go from here well I have no where to go. I hate you all,. I think I will probably destroy my ballot, It is a vote of no confidence. It is a valid vote.

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