Thursday, October 13, 2011

MV Rena : John Key is angry.

Hi John

Well John I am fucking angry, excuse me Prime Minister can you tell me why you haven't condemed this from Stuff 

New Zealand Filipinos have appealed to Kiwis not to subject them to "racial hatred" as a result of the Rena grounding.
Filipinos living in Tauranga have been abused by local residents, who have given them the finger and told them they were at fault for the Rena disaster, Migrante Aotearoa New Zealand coordinator Dennis Maga said.
"Once you've been identified as a Filipino there is judgment that Filipinos are the culprits and your relatives, and you also should be blamed for this problem," Maga said.

Yes  John I am  angry that it happened, I am more angry about it than the MV Rena that I believe was an accident I can't hate an accident I can hate racism, you could do something to stop this I hope you do.

OK John what happened ? It might have been a data  entry failure, plot the reef  and then rather than plot the go around cordinants  reentre the reef cordinants, that would drive you up on to a reef every time..

Oh John have you ever driven a boat ? Have you ever made a data entry failure ?

It is easy to do John. John stop being angry it is less effective than Phil Goff  holding a shovel and doing it in a suit we can't get even a stagged photo opportunity right, Mr Key sort his out and you are PM  for ever.


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