Monday, August 11, 2014

New Zealand: " With the jester on the sidelines in a cast "

Keeping Stock blogs .

David Cunliffe has a bit of a dilemma here. Labour has clearly selected a candidate for Rangitata who has extreme views about the Prime Minister, which he is not shy in putting into the public domain. That in itself is a recipe for catastrophe.

But by pledging a campaign focusing on policies rather than personalities, David Cunliffe has painted himself into a corner here. Either he throws the Sledge Pledge out the window and endorses a candidate with clear anti-Semitic views, or he is forced to order that the candidate be deselected. Whichever path he chooses, it's yet another distraction Labour could do without.

Yesterday Labour's Big Red Positive Bus was rolled out in downtown Auckland. Today however, a wheel has fallen of the Bus of Positivity.

FOOTNOTE: If you don't get the anti-Semitism here, this may help you.

If Gibson is still a Labour candidate when the sun that will soon rise over NZ set's again I will be astonished.  It matters not, tonight Labour lost the election. There is no way I will cast a party vote for a party that fields such  a candidate. Keeping Stock further reports in the comments 

"Quite so QH - he's apologised for the "Shylock" reference, claiming ignorance of Shylock being derogatory and anti-Semitic. But interestingly, he hasn't apologised for any of the rest of his angry rant.

David Cunliffe has every right to be incandescent with anger; Steve Gibson has taken the gloss of Labour's campaign launch yesterday."

"...claiming ignorance of Shylock being derogatory..."   

Yes well one of course look at the ... sorry is this clown really  the candidate ? "

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