Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Zealand: For my daughter Christelle.

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( Over the last few days my youngest daughter Christelle and I have engaged in a sticker war conducted over Facebook messenger. The Dog and Footrot Flats are as about as Kiwi as you can get, Christelle is unaware of The Iron Paw, Horse, Wal, Stephen Hall-Jones etc. I am unsure if it is inter generational warfare or cultural differences but hell I am enjoying it.

The Dog

Name/s :The dog, The Iron Paw, The Scarlet Manuka, The Grey Ghost, who put that there!SpeciesDogBackgroundThe real star of Footrot Flats, owned by Wal Footrot. The Dog was raised by Wal's Aunt Dolly in her cat home with some help from a foster mother half-persian cat named Ninky Pooh. While he was there, Aunt Dolly gave the dog a name that he has never forgiven her for - and has never allowed to be printed. That's why he's known simply as "The Dog".

Author Murray ball had planned on revealing the Dog's name but eventully decided against it. There are some strips where it may appear that someone (such as Ninky Pooh) is referring to the Dog by his real name but none of them actually are his name. After all, what name could have been as bad as the ones millions of readers had anticipated over the years.
According to a visitor to this site from Sweden (thanks Karl), the Swedish translation of Footrot Flats refers to the Dog as "flippen".
(Note - the scene on the right never really hapenned. Dogs can daydream too you know)

Dog's View:

You will never find such a noble creature as the mitey dog. Tuff like major but smarter. Classy like Charlie but better lookin'. Yep! He's got it all where it counts. Long live the dog. Yay!
The Dog

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