Sunday, August 3, 2014

DR Congo: " Cause out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train "

Charley Kasereka blogs, as usual with Charly's blogs this has been translated by whoever blogger uses to translate and cleaned up by me. Any mistakes are mine alone. As per my policy I have refrained from making any comment on Charly's work.  

A permanent framework for dialogue for peace in North Kivu

                                          Father Arseny was Munembwe Rutshuru (Photo Charly Kasereka)

Peace Caravan, 150 kilometers with more than 500 people, men of God, the local communities in North Kivu want to establish a permanent framework for dialogue to build peace in their province.

The caravan is part of the roundabout sign. Goma July 26, 9:30. A string of thirty vehicles. According to the organizers of the caravan it is to show that after eight months of total liberation of the territory Nyirangongo and Rutshuru, the road is safe.

Thirty MPs elected from North Kivu have come for the occasion for them is part of their recess. The activity is also accompanied by some associations of civil society and international NGOs such as' 'Peace One Day 'which also preparing a major activity of Peace on 21 September in Goma.

Peace, everybody talks about it. After peace in North Kivu, the restoration of the authority of the state is the next challenge. The state was weakened or has been absent for a long time in some areas of the province. Communities were divided. Reconciliation, development and peace building is the challenge of the future for the Congolese government.

After an address to the communities living in Bunagana, formerly the territory of ​​the rebel group M23, a dialog happens on how to live another way without pointing the finger at each other. This is not my place but the Jomba community 150 km north Goma.

For his part, Jason Luneno, elected in Walikale sought the involvement of provincial authorities for the effective return of stability and peace. Approximately 500 people attended the peace caravan to invite the citizens of North -Kivu to capitalize on the gains of peace and consolidate. The organizer of the event, Father Arsene Munembwe, said the peace caravan wants to create a framework to enable the people of North Kivu to launch the opportunities for development and peace after the defeat M23 rebels.

Yeah I know, no comments on Charly's blog. An observation though on  Cat Steven's peace train. New Zealand used to drive that train. New Zealand is hoping to be elected to the UN Security Council later this year. I can see no point in our election to that body if we are just replacing Australia as part of the Anglo Saxon Fist.   

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