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Uganda: " Crawling behind a Saracen's hull from the safety of his living room chair "

New Vision Uganda reports

‘Why do you call me minister of miniskirts?’

                      Ethics minister Simon Lokodo is wondering why he has to be nicknamed "minister of miniskirts".

KAMPALA - Rev. Father Simon Lokodo, the state minister for ethics and integrity, has expressed his concern over the nicknames he is being identified with locally and internationally for his spirited fight for moral uprightness in the country.

“Why do you call me a ‘minister of miniskirts’?” he asked delegates during the launch of a new AIDS program.

Clearly I have miss read that and so have you. This is close to sedition but closer still to satire.

 “They now call me a terrible murderer in the West and a minister of miniskirts in Kampala,” he said, adding: “Why do you call me a minister for miniskirts? [Is it] because I talked about your miniskirts and morals?”

Remember this is the Minister responsible for ethics.

" In 2014 Stephen interviewed Lokodo in Stephen Fry: Out There where he was quoted as saying " raping girls. Which is natural."

Early this year, President Yoweri Museveni signed a law which criminalizes indecency and promotion of pornography.

This law forbids women from wearing clothes like miniskirts and cleavage-revealing blouses ('tops') that excite sexual cravings in public, unless for educational and medical purposes or during sports or cultural events.

Confused don't be ...

" In February 2014, legislation was passed which enacted a dress code, primarily aimed at women. Clothes that are considered revealing or sexually provocative were to be outlawed; "If you dress in such a way that you irritate the mind and excite the people then you are badly dressed; if you draw the attention of the other person outside there with a malicious purpose of exciting and stimulating him or her into sex," Minister Lokodo stated "

In making his recent remarks, minister Lokodo was launching a sh3.1b HIV/AIDs project funded by the Danish International Development agency (DANIDA) at Imperial Royale hotel in Kampala.

“I want to introduce myself today as Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo, the state minister of ethics and integrity whose mandate is to empower Ugandans to uphold values and morals and coordinate government efforts in the fight against corruption,” he declared.

And what he forgot to mention...

" Lokodo first entered politics in June 2006, at the age of 49 years, to contest in a special election where the incumbent Member of Parliament had died of natural causes. Prior to that he was the Parish Priest for Kaabong Parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kotido. He was ex-communicated from the Catholic Church by Pope Benedict XVI when he joined politics. "
“I hope you have heard this.”

Yup... all before.

Minister Lokodo (left) shakes while Mayor of Rubaga Joyce  Sebugwawo at Imperial Royale on Thursday. Right is Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders on HIV/AIDS in Africa Director John Mugisa. PHOTO/Kennedy Oryema

The 18-month project will be implemented in the five divisions of Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) and Entebbe municipality by the alliance of mayors’ initiative for community action on HIV/AIDS at local level (AMICAALL).

The AMICAALL country director, Dr. John Mugisa, said the project dubbed ADMARPS (AMICAALI-DANIDA most at risk populations) would target sex workers, long distance truck drivers, fisher folks, security guards, boda-boda cyclists, market venders and other high risk groups.

The project will be executed by mayors and other urban leaders.

The Uganda AIDS indicator survey (2012) showed that HIV prevalence rate in urban areas stands as 8.3% compared to 7.0% in rural areas.

As I said.... Satire.

" He is well known for his unequivocal position to fight homosexuality in all forms and recently even raided with the Police, a gay activist workshop where participants were arrested. He immediately blamed foreigners saying "they should go home" and that " He does not support bestiality and lesbianism". Amnesty International condemned the raid. According to the article, he closed down a workshop aimed at Ugandan homosexuals "because it's [homosexuality is] illegal"."

Well, ....  Bat shit crazy.

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