Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Zealand: " Earth rim walker seeks his meals Prepare the funeral pyres "

Radio New Zealand National reports

Therapist faulted over spiritual treatment

                                                          Stupid is as stupid does

A massage therapist has been asked to review her practice and apologise to a 16-year-old patient who she did not properly inform about a Maori spiritual treatment she was referring her for.
Excuse me " ..review her practice ..." Doctors, dentist's, optometrists or outside the medical field say architects have practices. Massage therapists... well I guess the honest ones offer extras that both parties understand at a mutually agreed rate.

Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Theo Baker says the therapist should have been meticulous in the way she informed the girl.
The Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner should have declined jurisdiction and referred the incident to the appropriate authorities who might have had the ability to sanction the " therapist " (a power The Health and Disability Commission doesn't have ) like the police who deal with fraud.

The girl, who is not Maori, went to the massage therapist for help with migraines, period pains and sport injuries.
A GP would I am guessing would have cost a lot less and would have additional advantages such as medical training and the ability to refer to specialists.
A report says the therapist told the girl she had problems with her aura and contacted an iwi healer.
An aura from a medical perspective is: 

" Aura: A sensation perceived by a patient that precedes a condition affecting the brain. An aura often occurs before a migraine or seizure. It may consist of flashing lights, a gleam of light, blurred vision, an odor, the feeling of a breeze, numbness, weakness, or difficulty in speaking.."

Or in other words a reason to call an ambulance and get the person to a hospital ASAP.

The healer diagnosed the girl as having six spiritual entities in her and recommend that she come immediately to a nearby river to be cleansed.
I had no idea that traditional Maori health providers  fucking con men had the ability to diagnose what from this report would suggest such a complex medical condition and such a simple cure over the phone. This clown along with our " massage therapist " have impugned reputable Maori health providers and that is what really pisses me off.
The girl gave her consent and waded in the river, but reported feeling felt rushed and pressured. She has been having nightmares since the incident.
Let's have a real investigation. Invoices, payments and lets have a look at the financial arrangements of this " Massage therapist " particularly as they relate to the Iwi Healer.

The therapist is not registered with any professional body and has not been named in the report.
As I said the The Health and Disability Commission has no place investigating this. This is the problem though... who does ? The police I am sure are the obvious authority but " somebody got wet in a river and is having nightmares about it " is probably not going to inspire any cop to turn on the siren and lights.

Sound stupid ?

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